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August 21, 2010

Review Train (Hasselblad, Sony NEX-5, Alpha DSLRs, Pana G2, Sigma DP1s, Pana FX70/FX75, etc)

Time to round-up some of the latest reviews that came out after the big wave of new camera announcements. Let's get started with part #2 of the on-going review of the Hasselblad H3Dii-31 by photographer Matt Beardsley. Part #3 next week will be having image comparisons.

Next we go to something much smaller, the Sony NEX-5, getting a hands-on review by an actual working cameraman, published at DSLR News Shooter.

On the other side of the "mirror", we find a new review of the Panasonic G2 touchscreen camera at Register Hardware. As usual we won't spill the beans here. Speaking of the G2, a new book (camera guide) is coming out for the camera by Rooky Nook, "The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide" by Brian Matsumoto Ph.D and Carol Roullard. Amazon is taking pre-orders for around $20 (200 pages).

Sony Alpha DSLR reviews were the theme of the day, perhaps camera reviewers are getting them "out of the way" as Sony prepares to launch a new wave of Alpha DSLRs at/by Photokina. We start with Alpha A550 DSLR getting reviewed at Photography Blog, using their standard review format, which includes full-size real-world JPEG and RAW (.ARW) sample pictures for your personal pixel-peep-evaluation! The other two Alpha reviews are reprints from a UK printed magazine, published at TechRadar - the A850 and the A390.

Staying with TechRadar, they have published their own review of the Sigma DP1s, one of the five Sigma fixed-lens Foveon-based DP-series cameras. Conclusions on the last page, which as usual, we won't reveal here.

Next up, the Panasonic FX70/FX75 gets two new reviews, at Digital Camera Review and at Photography Blog. The FX70/FX75 is in some ways a "lite" version of the most recently announced FX700.

Back to Sony again, this time it is the backlit CMOS sensor'ed Cybershot TX7 checked out at technology blog Info Sync World, or as the cool kids call it, Info Sick World :)

The Fuji HS10 review is not there yet at Digital Camera Review, but their review sample pictures are there for your evaluation!

The Pentax X90 superzoom may look like some of the other superzooms out there, but it's not getting as many reviews as some of other manufacturer models. But it is Pentax superzoom day at ephotozine as they share their findings with the camera.

The current Canon A-series may be "PASM eunuchs" but they are priced very low, so Canon has intentionally downgraded them to the entry-level. That being sent, they could perhaps be good beginner low-cost cameras. Or not. Digital Camera Info has reviewed the A3000 IS...

We close with a reminder, for the latest lens reviews, be sure to check the dedicated and single-minded Lens Review Diary. Speaking of lenses, LensTip has published full-size sample pictures taken with the new Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 OS lens, taken with the Canon 50D.

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