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August 12, 2010

Review Train (Canon 7D, Sony NEX-5, Fuji HS10, superzooms, comparisons, and many more)

And now time for a super-sized edition of the "Review Train". The fries are on the house ;-) We start with a photographer-priority experiential straight-to-the-point review of the Canon 7D by photographer and author Kirk Tuck at his Visual Science Lab blog. For more on the 7D, check its many other reviews at the 7D review cluster.

Next up, Trusted Reviews has published a Sony NEX-5 review. Verdict on page #4 which as usual, we won't reveal here.

The reviews continue to come in for the Samsung EX1/TL500, quite possibly Samsung's breakout hit with serious, advanced and amateur photographers looking for a serious-but-compact type of a camera. With that as a preface, here is what PhotoReview found out when evaluating the camera. Imatest tests included!

And now a rare film camera review, made even rarer that it is a Contax RF. Photography Review is spotlighting a user review of the Contax G2 35mm rangefinder film camera. Poor Contax. We didn't even have a Contax tag until now!

Since Sony refuses to release the Alpha DSLR the serious Alpha photographers want, Alpha-Mount-World has posted an image-upsize (24mp) comparison for two of the most influential (to date) Alpha DSLRs, the inaugural Alpha A100 and the 1000+ day-old Alpha A700, and comparing it to the Alpha A900. See it in part #1 and part #2.

Sony comparisons but of the NEX type is also the theme of the day at Steve Huff Photo where NEX-5 is RAW vs JPEG compared using Apple Aperture 3.03.

Superzoom reviews
We start with a surprise review. The US market is mostly ignoring the GE cameras, but Japanese website DC Watch Impress has published their hands-on report with the GE X5 superzoom digital camera. Here it is, computer-translated. Brick wall comparisons are included! This is a 14mp 1/2.3" camera with a 15X (27-405mm eq) lens, AA batteries and manual exposure control (PASM). It doesn't look unfamiliar, which one can perhaps assume that it has shared origins with some of the other AA superzooms from the big names. The GE X5 currently goes for around $140 at Amazon.

Zoom-zoom! Fuji's heavily discussed HS10 superzoom has received a brand new review, this time at Digital Camera Info. This is a multi-page review. We start at page #2, because page #1 includes spoilers of their findings and we know some of our readers don't like spoilers!

Free from the MemoryStick tyrrany, the 2010 Cybershots are able to compete fair and square with non-Sony cameras as they now take SD/SDHC memory cards. One of the cameras on the frontline is the H55, an affordable compact fun zoom, and it just got reviewed at Digital Camera Review.

The Casio EX-FH100 surpringly perhaps co-won the dpreview group-test among superzooms. Now the camera faces its next challenge, an express review at the other major camera review site, Imaging Resource. Is it 2 out of 2 for the EX-FH100? Read on to find out what they found out!

CNet Asia has published earlier in the week their take on the Leica V-Lux 20. It is a perhaps good thing (for Leica fans particularly) that we don't review cameras, because we cringe to think what we would have written about the Leica V-Lux 20, which currently costs almost three times as much as the nearly-identical Panasonic TZ10/ZS7 ($700 vs $280~).

Compacts Lightning Round
We have ran out of smartass comments (thankfully), so now we round-up the rest of the P&S cameras in lightning round format:

+ touchscreen camera group-test at Register Hardware

+ Sony TX7 at Steve's Digicams (TX5 is the waterproof)

+ Fuji F80-exr at E-photo-Zine

+ Fuji S2550HD (also has other names) at ephotozine

+ Samsung ST5500 (goes by another name) at e-photo-zine

+ Canon SD 1300 IS at Steve's

Other reviews
The Luminous duo of Reichmann and Sanderson have just posted their review of the Canon XF300/XF305 professional camcorder in the sub-$10K price-range.

Meanwhile, Spanish website Quesabesde has published their take on the Archos 7 Android tablet.

We close with a reminder that the latest lens reviews at published at the very disciplined and simple-minded Lens Reviews mini-site.

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