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August 16, 2010

New Fuji Finepix W3 is their second 3D camera (updated w/hands-on, samples, user-manual)

We hardly got to know Fuji's first 3D camera (the W1), but it appears they have just announced the brand new Fuji W3 3D camera! Some of the main specs of the camera, extracted from the press release:

+ 3.5" Autostereoscopic (3D) LCD
+ 720p 3D HD video
+ new Real Photo processor
+ output 3D movies via HDMI on most 3D televisions
+ Auto and Manual Parallax Control
+ duo of 10 megapixel sensors with 3X optical zoom lenses

The opening price for this lovely will be lower, $500, and unlike the W1, it will find itself in a more 3D-friendly consumer market. Not that 3D has arrived or anything, but you can actually buy 3D TVs, BluRay players and camcorders now. And frankly someone who has already purchased in a 3D HDTV system, may likely feel "obligated" to make the addition of a 3D camera.

The W3 is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $500 [NEW!]

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+ Sample Fuji W3 2D and 3D pictures and comparison to Fuji W1 at (computer-translated) [HOT!]
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+ 124-page user-manual and brochure (in .PDF) at Fuji Global [READ!]
+ Hands on at Pocket Lint
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+ Press release in English by Fuji USA (corrected link!)
+ 450 euro in Europe says Focus Numerique
+ (computer translated)

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