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August 02, 2010

New Casio EX-Z800 and EX-S200 and EX-Z2300 14mp 1/2.3" P&S cameras (updated with one more)

UPDATE (Tue August 3): We have a third new Casio camera getting announced with this batch! It is the Casio EX-Z2300 with a 5X optical zoom lens and it is announced in Japan along with the other two. See it at computer-translated DC Watch Impress.

The official Casio Japan press release (computer translated) reveals the initial monthly production numbers for these mass-market P&S cameras. The EX-S200 and EX-Z2300 will be produced at 100,000 units per month clip, while the EX-Z800 will fill more future landfills at 150,000 units per month.

The three new Casios have been added to the Cameras of 2010 reference page.

Original post: New EX-Z800 and EX-S200
The new camera parade continues with the first new cameras of August, two 14mp 1/2.3" P&S compacts from Casio, the EX-Z800 and the EX-S200. The EX-S200 is part of the EX-S series of slim cameras, while the EX-Z800 is part of the EX-Z general purpose P&S LiIon compacts. Price and availability has not been revealed yet.

The feature-set is as expected, 4X optical zoom (starting at 27mm eq) with sensor-shift stabilization, 2.7" (230K) LCD, and things like that.

One new "feature" is the "Super Resolution Digital Zoom", which, according to the Casio press release, "extends" the max-telephoto range by 1.5X while "reducing IQ degradation". Another attempt to confuse the average consumer on optical vs digital zoom after they finally learned the difference between optical and digital zoom?

In other Casio news, they have announced new G-shock watches, with Ke$ha becoming a watch designer and brand ambassador. To Casio's defense, her big hit is "Tik Tok" :)

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