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August 2010 (153 posts)

August 31: Before Photokina, there is IFA 2010 in Berlin
August 31: Panasonic LX5K now shipping for $500
August 31: New Canon XF100 and XF105 professional video camcorders
August 31: In-stock alerts: Canon S95 ($400), Fuji F300EXR ($330)
August 31: Interview with Panasonic at CNet Asia
August 31: "Guru" confesses he made "mistake" in "identifying" Ansel negatives
August 31: Alert for independent working photographers in the US: new tax code changes could mean bureaucratic headaches
August 31: Three new Olympus M43rds prime lenses coming in Spring 2011
August 30: New Olympus 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 M-Zuiko M43rds lens (corrected)
August 30: New Olympus M-Zuiko 40-150mm f4-5.6 M43rds lens comes out at $300
August 30: Olympus announces all-black Olympus E-P2 camera kit (camera, lens, flash)
August 30: Zeiss leaks own lens: Distagon T* 35mm f1.4 ZE and ZF.2 coming on Wednesday
August 30: Canon R&D develops giant sensor (202x205mm) [updated]
August 30: Rumors w/leaked images: E-5 DSLR, 40-150/75-300 M43rds lenses, all black E-P2 (updated)
August 30: Review Train (Sony A55 & Canon 60D hands-on, Panasonic LX5, FZ100, Canon S95, etc)
August 29: Sony Alpha A55 boldly goes where no DSLR has gone before!
August 29: New Sony Alpha A33 makes history as one of the first two pellicle-mirror DSLRs/DSLTs
August 29: New Sony Alpha A580 DSLR is like A560 but with 16mp sensor and deeper buffer (corrected/updated)
August 29: Sony Alpha A560 DSLR gets new features including 1080p HD video
August 29: Review Train (comparisons, FZ40/FZ45, NX10, NEX-5, E-PL1, and many more)
August 28: (DEAD) Deal alert: Pentax K-x w/18-55 and 55-300 for $629 (updated)
August 28: Rendering of Alpha A7xx DSLR appears in Chinese forums
August 27: Canon 60D tries to navigate the straits of 550D-and-7D
August 27: Leica gets a new CEO - Alfred Schopf
August 27: New Canon 300mm and 400mm f2.8L IS USM II lenses (corrected 2x)
August 27: New Canon 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS USM joins the L-series party
August 26: New Canon 8-15mm f4L fisheye at $1400 takes fisheyes to the sushi bar
August 26: Of HD-DSLR interest: H.264 to be royalty-free for the life of the license, beyond 2015
August 26: Samsung to unveil "life changing" NX-series camera at Photokina 2010 that takes the industry by storm
August 26: Cosina joins Micro Four Thirds and announces 25mm f0.95 900euro MF M43 lens
August 25: New Canon 60D, 8-15mm f4L fisheye, 70-300 f4-5.6L IS, 300/400mm f2.8L II, new extenders
August 25: New Canon EF 1.4x and 2x Mark III extenders
August 25: Canon will be showing 500mm f4L IS II and 600mm f4L IS II prototypes at Photokina
August 25: Another round of Canon 60D rumors
August 25: PhotographyBB August 2010 issue is out (free PDF magazine)
August 25: Names of Nikon D400 and D5000s show up in accessory list
August 24: New PhaseOne/Mamiya V-Grip Air is a vertical grip with a built-in flash trigger
August 24: New Ricoh G700 industrial-strength compact with SD-WORM support
August 24: (DEAD) Deal alert: Canon G11 crashes to $400 (was $389) {updated}
August 24: REMOVED (19 tests, who wins? Canon T2i/550D vs Nikon D90 vs Pentax K-7) [updated]
August 24: Will we get Android-powered digital cameras?
August 24: Trio of late-July Sony Alpha lenses announced in Japan/USA without surprises
August 23: Canon runs interference on Sony with 120-megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor
August 23: Sony announces five new Alpha DSLRs and three new prime lenses
August 23: Rumor-tidbits about Olympus E-5 flagship Four Thirds DSLR
August 23: Upcoming Sony DSLRs leaking left and right (updated)
August 23: Review Train (Sigma SD15, Fuji W3, M43rds, Ricoh GXR, and more)
August 23: New Kodak M590, C195, C143, PlayTouch 1080p and Mini camcorder sticks
August 23: Recap of latest new cameras and lens announcements
August 23: New Canon S95 adds 720p, hybrid IS, and bug-fixes/tweaks
August 22: New Nikon D3100 adds Live View, LV/Movie AF, and 1080p
August 22: Nikon 28-300mm f3.5-5.6G ED VR is a surprising $1050 full-frame superzoom
August 22: Nikon 24-120mm f4 VR Nano doubles price, hopes to put behind predecessor issues
August 22: Nikon 55-300mm f4.5-5.6G DX VR ED is new affordable telephoto lens for APS-C shooters
August 22: New Nikon 85mm f1.4G AF-S Nano portrait lens for $1700
August 22: Canon SD4500 IS (Ixus 1000HS) is the first 10X Elph camera (w/backlit CMOS)
August 22: New Canon SX130 IS gets slightly larger sensor, gets wider and zoomier, and offers 720p
August 22: More Sony rumors: new Alpha 18-250mm SAM, "digital zoom" on A55/A33?
August 22: New Voigtlander Heliar Classic 75mm f1.8 lens (M mount)
August 22: New Pentax K-5 and K-r rumors hit the PFFs (updated)
August 21: (ENDED) HDR/photography on "The Tech Guy"/Leo Laporte on Sun 4:30pm NYC time
August 21: Sony NEX-VG10 hands-on reports at Luminous and DCR
August 21: Review Train (Hasselblad, Sony NEX-5, Alpha DSLRs, Pana G2, Sigma DP1s, Pana FX70/FX75, etc)
August 20: Photographers dive in middle of Google Street View controversy in Germany
August 20: Rumors of 16mp Nikon D800 make the rounds ("D3s Lite" w/1080p)
August 20: New Sanyo camcorder stick with a 3X digicam zoom lens
August 19: What do you want to see in Lightroom 4 asked Scott Kelby
August 19: Product shots and main specs of Sony A580 and A560 DSLRs leaked
August 19: In-stock alert: Panasonic FZ100 for $500
August 19: Canon G12 accidentally leaked: adds 720p, hybrid-IS and HDR mode
August 18: Canon vs Nikon announcement wars: new Powershots vs new Nikkors and D3100
August 18: New Ricoh CX4 joins the new camera announcement party (updated with English PR)
August 18: New Metz 58 AF-2 digital and Metz 50 AF-1 announced (updated)
August 18: More hands-on reports with the Fuji Real3D W3
August 18: Four more new Olympus cameras: Stylus 7050, T-110, T10 and FE-48
August 18: Rumors of an Olympus E-P3 M43rds camera
August 18: New Canon rumors: 60D, 100-300mm, 300/400/500/600mm IS2, maybe 8-12mm
August 18: Sony A55 product shots leaked at DC Home, A33 at SR
August 18: Nikon press-conference on Thursday August 19 at 10AM Denmark time (4AM NYC time)
August 18: New Olympus FE-5050, FE-5040 and FE-4050 P&S models
August 17: Sony A55 alleged specs posted at DCHome (rumors)
August 17: CanonRumors sees two "Big White Lenses"
August 17: I want my Canon 5D Mark Three (III) nao! (parody video)
August 17: The quietly released Canon 7DSV (studio version) is officially announced
August 17: Specs of four alleged upcoming Sony DSLRs make the rounds
August 16: New Fuji Finepix W3 is their second 3D camera (updated w/hands-on, samples, user-manual)
August 16: Nikon View NX2 software announced and released (we test-install it)
August 16: New Nikon S1100pj (w/built-in projector) and S5100 Coolpixies
August 16: Market analysts are wrong about the death of digital cameras (opinion)
August 16: Review Train (Hasselblad H3Dii-31, Canon T2i, Nikon D3000, $85 flash, etc)
August 16: Sony 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS (NEX) gets first major review
August 16: Who's praising us now? The EISA 2010-2011 awards are revealed
August 16: Backlit sensors crawl down to VGA resolution
August 15: New Canon DSLR, lenses and Powershots coming on August 17 or 19? (rumors)
August 15: Review Train (NEX-5 w/18-200mm, Casio EX-FH100, Olympus E-PL1, etc)
August 15: Mega ISO-comparison of seven mirrorless cameras at Serious Compacts
August 15: (DEAD) Deal alert: Canon T2i body-only for $697 (w/18-55 for $787) [ends Monday at 4AM CT]
August 14: Weekend Shopper (Sears discount drops from 10% to 5%, and more)
August 14: Picture #20000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
August 14: Rumor round-up: Canon press event on August 26 and other stories
August 14: Review Train (Sony A450, Ricoh CX3, Sigma DP1s, Sony TX5, etc)
August 13: German magazine leaks Nikon D3100 and four lenses (85/1.4, 24-120 f4, 28-300mm, 55-300 DX)
August 12: Sony invitation for NDA event on August 24 showing "never before seen DSLR products"
August 12: Apple Police removes Camera+ App because it turns volume buttons into shutter
August 12: Review Train (Canon 7D, Sony NEX-5, Fuji HS10, superzooms, comparisons, and many more)
August 12: Panasonic FZ100 review at Photography Blog
August 12: New golfer-friendly Casio EX-FC160S revealed in Japan
August 12: Sony 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS (E-mount aka NEX) to be released September 10 in Japan
August 11: "Out in the wild' pictures of the Canon 60D body leaked? (updated)
August 11: Thirty (30) more invites for mobile photo-sharing site Eye'Em ( [updated]
August 11: Related posts under individual blog-posts (computer-generated)
August 10: Sony 500mm f8 mirror lens discontinued (production completed)
August 10: Luminous Landscape Forums updated and ready-to-go
August 10: Nikon D3100 name appears in internal Best Buy inventory system
August 10: Tape-delayed news: Foveon switches to Synopsys, new sensor in the works?
August 10: Pentax fan asks Pentax Support about mirrorless, gets OJ-esque answer
August 10: LOLz round-up: Panasonic makes you pretty, Kodak makes you ugly; Barbie vs 7D
August 10: Panasonic launch event in Australia on Wednesday (may or may not have new products)
August 10: New Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 Di VC USD (35mmFF) is official at $450
August 9: Pentax 645D real-world DNG samples (UK decision still coming; RAW codec for Windows)
August 9: RED touts touchscreen Video-AF, teases Scarlet camera (2/3", 8X zoom)
August 9: First hands-free follow-focus system for DSLRs by Intuitfocus
August 9: DIY: Make your own tilt-shift lens tutorial at Cow.Mooh
August 9: Review Train (Panasonic G10, G2, G1, Sony A390, Casio EX-FH25, etc)
August 8: DSLR/iLC sales by manufacturer during last four years according to for-pay research reports
August 8: Weekend Shopper (Panasonic GF1 w/20mm for $650, quad-core desktop for $416, etc)
August 8: Review Train (Mirrorless mega-comparison, Phase One 645DF, Sinar arTec, M9, and more)
August 8: Wild rumor: Samsung, Schneider and Alpa working on new digital medium format system
August 7: Rumor: Canon actively looking to buy a medium format company?
August 6: Ricoh GXR P10 fun-zoom gets the dpreview review!
August 6: Hogan on how Nikon can improve the P6000 replacement
August 6: First fixed-lens camera to get "approved" by Getty: Leica X1
August 6: Twenty full-size Panasonic FZ100 samples at dpreview
August 6: Falk Lumo debunks reasoning against feasibility of Pentax 35mmFF
August 5: Fuji's new hybrid phase-detection explained at dpreview
August 5: Hogan on Nikon financial results and Photokina expectations
August 5: Preparing for Photokina 2010 - Reference Material
August 4: Rumors: New Pentax K-5, K-r (both LiIon and AA) and mirrorless coming up
August 4: Rumors of Panasonic GH2, GF2, and 12-75mm f2.5-3.3 HD OIS lens
August 4: Review Train (Sony NEX-5 w/really old lenses, GXR A12 DIY diffuser, LX3 vs EX1, Panasonic 3D camcorder, etc)
August 4: New Samsung PL90 (w/built-in USB connector) [also new: ES75]
August 3: New flickr page design with 28% larger default image goes live for everyone
August 3: New Top selling cameras (Canon dethroned, Panasonic rises, Foveon makes the Top 100)
August 3: Pentax plans distinct mirrorless camera according to Citi write-up of Hoya earnings call
August 2: New Casio EX-Z800 and EX-S200 and EX-Z2300 14mp 1/2.3" P&S cameras (updated with one more)
August 2: Review Train (Canon SD4000 IS, EX1 vs LX3, superzooms, NEX-5, NEX-3, etc)
August 2: Sony Alpha A900: ISO comparison with different software (and world's largest 70 gigapixel image)
August 2: CIPA June 2010 camera production numbers promising considering the mess we're in
August 2: Canon quietly releases a special 7D edition with barcode support
August 1: Microsoft shows hybrid hardware/software approach to fix camera-motion image-blur
August 1: Rumors: Canon 1Ds Mark IV test bodies floating around
August 1: Panasonic LX5 pre-order and stock status page
August 1: Review Train (Leica S2, Samsung EX1, EX1 vs LX3 bokeh, etc)


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