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August 26, 2010

Of HD-DSLR interest: H.264 to be royalty-free for the life of the license, beyond 2015

Vincent Laforet writes that the legal eagles at the MPEG LA have now announced that H.264 will be royalty-free for the life of the license, not just until the end of 2015 (this refers to the license for viewing, eg the videos you produce with your HD-DSLR, not for hardware/software/service providers). The press release is summarized and available as a downloadable PDF at the MPEG LA website. More at PC Magazine.

But why make this move now? Download Squad writes that this is a strategic move by this patent group so they won't be left out. As you may recall, Google, Mozilla, Opera and friends came together to promote "WebM". Meanwhile, TAUW sees this as a victory for HTML5 and a loss for Flash, which, Pope Steve Jobs declared technology non-grata ;-) Create Digital Motion points out that some of the Apple-centric sites mis-read this development.

This is also discussed on the August 26 episode of Tech News Today at Twit.Tv. It is one of the topics discussed at the beginning of the show [NEW!]

Interestingly, for a group full of lawyer-types, the MPEG-LA website fails to explain the name "MPEG LA" :) LA does not stand for Los Angeles (they are in Denver), and they are not the MPEG standards group - the first two things that would come to mind to the average person.

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