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August 06, 2010

First fixed-lens camera to get "approved" by Getty: Leica X1

There have been some great fixed-lens cameras in the past, but the first one to get "approved" by Getty is the Leica X1 says Amateur Photographer UK. It has a slightly larger sensor than the five Sigma DP-series models (1.7X Foveon), and 12 conventional megapixels, and of course the Leica name with a $2000 price tag. You can see the complete list at the Getty Images Contributors page.

This list has always been controversial with photographers for a variety of reasons (eg choice of cameras selected and not-selected). Ricoh fans for example can point out that the Ricoh GXR A12 is using a 12mp APS-C sensor and a prime lens as well. Alpha fans can legitimately complain why not the Alpha A850 when you have a Digital Rebel in the list? How about the Olympus E30? And what about the new mirrorless cameras? The Leica S2 and Pentax 645D are not listed, although one could perhaps speculate that they covered by the "medium format backs" blanket statement, even though they are not digital backs but full cameras.

Speaking of Leica, they have new M9 firmware.

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