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August 23, 2010

New Canon S95 adds 720p, hybrid IS, and bug-fixes/tweaks

With the successful launch of the Canon S90 {reviews} as a "deputy" to the G11 {reviews}, Canon had a duo of cameras to combat the perhaps unexpected success of the Panasonic LX3 {reviews}. Flash forward to now, and the serious fixed-lens compacts market is more competitive, partially thanks to the Samsung duo of the EX1/TL500 and TL350/WB2K exceeding expectations among the non-believers.

So the time has come for Canon to announce the S90 replacement, like clockwork, almost exactly 365 days later - the new S95. Speaking of the G11, its replacement, the G12, + accidentally leaked earlier in the week, mirroring the S95 feature-deltas, which rarely pleases sequential upgraders.

A couple of the legitimate complaints about the S90 appear to have been fixed with this release (on paper of course) - the freewheelin control wheel on the back and "just" VGA video in the S90. The S95 gets 720p video which is on the highway to ubiquituituity (sp?).

The S95 is the first camera to bring in the "hybrid IS" feature that Canon launched with the 100mm f2.8L hybrid IS macro, although obviously these are completely different type of lenses :)

You can thank Panasonic perhaps for pushing multi aspect ratio into their cameras, because now you can also find it in the S95, which also adds another "Panasonic" thing, SDXC memory card support.

A lot of the good stuff found in the S90 is carried over, and we won't repeat them here. Check the S90 reviews and the posts below until S95 reviews start coming out.

The S95 is essentially a sequential update, making the camera more appealing to photographers who were looking into the S90 initially. As usual, we have to wait for the samples-and-reviews cycle to begin for this camera...

The S95 is available for pre-order for $400 at Amazon and Adorama.

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Testing the miniature effect at a basketball game

Testing Canon S95 Miniature video effect from Māris Reliņš on Vimeo.

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