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August 27, 2010

Canon 60D tries to navigate the straits of 550D-and-7D

The Canon 60D is now official! It has been announced two years after the Canon 50D. Both are "Photokina babies" - they were "born" in the run-up to a Photokina trade show. The 60D is under more pressure to thread the needle, as it has to strike a balance between not costing the 7D {reviews} sales and not losing sales to the 550D/D-Rebel T2i {reviews}. Its predecessors (50D, 40D, etc) did not have to deal with this "sandwich" issue, as the next camera up from them was the 5D Mark I or Mark II or the 1D*-series. But with the dual-core EOS 7D coming in the picture, things are more complicated for photographers interested in these cameras.

Oh hai! I am the Canon 60D - did you notice I has a flip-out LCD display nao?

Canon 60D Pre-Orders
+ body-only for $1100 at Amazon, Calumet Photo, Adorama, B&H Photo (listed)
+ w/18-135mm EF-S IS lens for $1400 at Amazon, Calumet Photo, Adorama, B&H Photo (listed)

Canon 60D Hands-on previews
+ Bob Atkins preview with pre-production ISO comparison crops, cross-posted at
+ dpreview preview with Joinson and Butler
+ CNet US
+ Canon 60D hands-on at PDN Gear Guide
+ 60D preview at Imaging Resource
+ first look at Digital Camera Review
+ Pop Photo preview
+ hands-on at Gizmodo

Canon 60D Sample pictures
+ five full size samples and four movie samples from Canon itself
+ Master Chong dissects the official samples
+ web-size beta sample pictures at Photo Review
+ web-size gallery at Pop Photo

Announcement and press releases
+ Galbraith
+ dpreview
+ Focus Numerique
+ Imaging Insiders
+ DC Views
+ Canon USA
+ CPN Europe

Opinions and discussions
+ built for video? asks Derrick Story
+ Is it worth the update asks Camera Do Jo
+ EOS-HD opinion from an HD-video perspective
+ five minutes in the Engadget podcast #210
+ it pays to pay attention during math - 50D and 60D throughput is the about the same calculates Andreas Helkes in the dpreview forums (which may explain the lower-than-50D 5.3fps)
+ Why the hatorade asks/answers Radiant Lite
+ first take at Cnet Asia
+ opinion at Photopocus


What do you think of the Canon 60D so far?

Reactions to the Canon 60D in the forums
+ Made for women?
+ the real problem with 60D
+ whining about the whiners
+ 60D is awesome (not sarcastic)
+ piece of crap!
+ Y'all are missing the point
+ What were they thinking?
+ no in-camera HDR?
+ Where is the micro-adjustment?
+ Plastic a plus?
+ DoA
+ Debbie Downer called, she thinks people are too negative on the 60D ;-)

Video hands-on with the camera, starting with Harlequin-style video from Canon

EOS 60D hands-on preview from EOS Network on Vimeo.

Canon EOS 60D Preview from on Vimeo.

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