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July 25, 2010

Weekend shopper: Some tempting deals available

Perhaps a combination of the start of the "Photokina season", the competition in the market, the slowness of July, and the current economic environment are generating some tempting prices, and some more discounts on some of today's current models. Please note prices and availability in this blog-post are not updated automatically! For more updates, be sure to visit and bookmark and share the Camera Deals blog.

Best deal right now: Sigma DP1s for $285
The biggest deal in terms of price and sensor-size is the Sigma DP1s offered for $285 at Amazon by Amazon itself. This is a "1.7X" Foveon sensor camera with a prime lens glued to it. The camera had been dropping in price the last few days.

For $730, you can get the Canon D-Rebel T1i (500D) with the 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses. Details on how to do this in this step by step blog-post. As of a July 28 check, both the T1i kit and the 55-250 lens are in-stock and shipping!

If you prefer the newer T2i (550D), we have updated the T2i stock status page earlier today.

Pentax K-x two-lens kits (18-55/50-200mm) have now surfaced at Amazon for the remaining three US K-x body-colors (white, red, navy) and go for around $630. Please note the 50-200mm lens is only available in black. Only the K-x bodies and the 18-55mm kit-lenses are color-matched.

The Panasonic G2 with the 14-42mm has now dropped to $725, sold and shipped by Amazon. The discount is currently only for the black kit.

Alternately, if you want an affordable Panasonic M43rds camera, for $500 with free shipping you can have the black G1 w/14-45mm. This is an older camera - it is actually the first M43rds camera released. The new G10 with the new 14-42mm kit lens goes for around $550.

On the Olympus side, the E-P2 kits with either the pancake or zoom lens are getting a free FL14 flash for a total price of $800 at J&R World.

Fixed-lens cameras
The Ricoh GX100 is now steadily in-stock at Amazon for $300. The VF1 viewfinder is included. This is an older RAWsumer.

And we close with some general-interest shopping news - has extended its return policy from 30-days to 45-days. This may (or may not) trigger a return-policy-extension war among retailers, which could benefit consumers.

The Kodak Z915 superzoom is the featured deal of the day at Amazon for Monday, offered for $99 with free shipping. This includes a bonus camera bag and charger/two-AA-rechargeables. This is good for the whole day Monday in the pacific time zone, however, considering the $99 price and the popularity of the Kodak brand, this may sell out before then. Check the aforelinked Amazon page for the latest availability information.

Cameraphones have forced manufacturers to make adjustments - case in point, now, for $129 with free shipping you can get the 8X LiIon Panasonic FH20 (only the silver model is discounted, the other body colors go for $150+)

This special is only good for Sunday as the Dell deal of the day - for $80 with free shipping, you get the Sony Cybershot S2000 digital camera, a bonus 4GB SDHC card, a bonus Sony CycleEnergy battery charger with two AA rechargeables. This ends at 1am EST on Monday (or earlier if it sells out).

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