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July 28, 2010

Two new Amazon Kindles for $139 (WiFi only) and $189 (WiFi + free 3G)

Cameras are not the only market that is heating up with waves and waves of competing products. The e-book reader and tablet market has been picking up momentum, thanks first to the Kindle, then the Apple iPad and coming soon, the Android Invasion.

Today Amazon fired another shot with the launch of two new 6-inch e-Ink Kindles, the 6-inch Kindle (3G + WiFi) model (graphite or white) with free global 3G service for $189, and the 6-inch Kindle (WiFi only, no 3G) (graphite) for $139. The previously current model went for $189 as well. They are estimated to start shipping around August 27, 2010.

The new 6-inch Kindles are 21% smaller in terms of body-size and 15% lighter, while still having the same screen size. They have also increased internal storage to 4GB/3500 books (why so stingy with memory?), and battery life is now a whole month if you turn off the wireless radio. A comparison between the two generations is shown below, according to Amazon herself:

If you are a Kindle fan, this blog is available on the Kindle via the Amazon Kindle automated delivery subscription service for 99c per month. But you don't have to pay to read this blog on the Kindle unless you want the convenience of automated updates. You can also read it for free, check the various Kindle user blogs and forums for details on how to do that (keep our RSS feed address handy for those endeavors).


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A comparison of features between the two new models and the Kindle DX Graphite, compiled by Amazon, can be found after the jump (best viewed at 1400+ pixels wide)...


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