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July 26, 2010

Rumor round-up: Sony full-frame panic, new Sony primes, Canon 60D LCD & more

Sony Alpha Rumors writes that according to their sources, Sony is considering the possibility of giving up on 35mm full frame going forward because of costs vs profits. Thom Hogan discusses this as well on his website (see July 26, 2010 if reading at a later date), and approaches it from the Nikon perspective. This is also discussed vigorously in the dpreview Sony SLR forum.

This rumor does not help the chances of future 35mmFF for Pentax, unless they can find an alternative source of affordable 35mmFF sensors.

Also at Sony Alpha Rumors, there are rumors of three Sony prime lenses coming up this week, two of which are rumored to be 35mm FF.

On the Canon front, there is still no "rumor consensus" on whether the eventually upcoming "Canon 60D" (follow-up to 50D) will have a flip-out LCD or not says Canon Rumors.

On the Samsung NX-name-soup front, Samsung-centric website Samsung Hub points to Korean sources that talk of a Samsung NX100, another NX-series model. Samsung Hub also notes that the TL350/WB2000 (RAW, analog gauges) has just now been officially announced in Korea.

Please note rumors are rumors, and as such they may or may not come true!

Some Olympus users are so eager to find out what's coming, they have hired ...spies to look inside the Olympus office windows ;-)

Speaking of rumors - at a meta-level - David Pogue interviews one of the people behind the rumor-busting website They don't cover digital cameras, but they do cover fauxtography. We were shocked to disover that the picture of the 90lb mutant cat is fake ;-)

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