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July 22, 2010

Rounding up the 13 new cameras from Panasonic, Fuji and Samsung

We have finally caught up with the 13 new cameras announced almost at the same time by three different manufacturers. You can find these, along with all the other cameras listed in the Cameras of 2010 reference page. Here is a quick recap of that was added to the "pool"...

Five new Panasonic cameras
+ Panasonic LX5 - more telephoto than LX3 (LX5 vs LX3 spec-sheet delta)
+ Panasonic FZ100 - more advanced than FZ40, with MOS sensor, free-angle, hot-shoe
+ Panasonic FZ40 (FZ45) - FZ35/FZ38 replacement with 24X zoom and 14mp 1/2.33"
+ Panasonic FX700 - a middle-class luxury compact?
+ Panasonic TS10 (FT10) - their third elementproof camera

Five new Fuji cameras
+ Fuji F300 EXR - a surprise, phase-detection hybrid AF, 15X lens, 1/2" SuperCCDEXR sensor
+ Fuji S2800HD (aka S2900HD) - 18X PASM superzoom with 14mp 1/2.3"
+ Fuji Z800EXR (aka Z808EXR) - SuperCCD-EXR w/ new hybrid autofocus
+ Fuji Z80 (aka Z81) - another folded-optics P&S
+ Fuji JX280 - another LiIon P&S

Three new Samsung cameras
+ Samsung ST600 and ST100 - back-and-front LCDs, front-LCD grows to 1.8"
+ Samsung PL200 - affordable 7X P&S LiIon

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