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July 02, 2010

Review Train (T2i/550D, DP2s, A450, Z981, and wandering off-topic)

Time for another edition of the "Review Train", full-steam ahead! Just don't let the steam hit your sensor ;-) We start with a camera with a big sensor, not a review, but a 3-minute video hands-on with the Pentax 645D at What Digital Camera. Video is available to watch in HD.

The 645D is great news for Pentax, the K-x has been a surprising success, but Pentax is developing a little bit of a "donut hole" problem, similar (in some ways) to what Sony has. Not quite the same as Sony, which has released 13 DSLRs/mirrorless under $1000 since CES 2008, yet nothing to replace the A700, or fill the space between $1000 and A850/A900. The Pentax "donut hole" is more of a DNA spiral, and it caused some die-hard Pentaxians thinking greener pastures. The latest to consider adding a parallel system to Pentax is Yvon at PentaxDSLRs, author of Pentax camera e-books.

Speaking of Pentax, tough-love Pentaxian Rice High has spent a month with the Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D/Kiss X4, and he shares his findings and favorite settings.

It's Shiguma-time at Neutral Day, where their latest DP2s gets the review treatment. This is the second DP2-series model, in a grand total of five DP-series models. Interestingly, Sigma has made more DP-series than DSLR models, even though they got started on DSLRs earlier on (SD9, SD10, SD14, SD15).

Next up, we have reviewing action in Polish as follows:
+ Sony A450 review at
+ one-page opinion on the Sony NEX-5 at
+ one-page opinion on the Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D at
+ waterproof 3-way between XP10, W90 and Ex-G1 at Fotopolis

And now, a lightning round of superzoom reviews, the cameras that may save the day for camera manufacturers in terms of future lost sales to camera-phones. On this very topic there were a couple of ostrich-y camera-bullish research reports, but they are perhaps closer to coin-tosses than accurate depictions of reality ;-) [report #1, report #2].

+ Kodak Z981 review at CNet SF
+ Kwanon SX210 IS at DCR
+ Sony H55 at Cameras UK

Speaking of camera-phones, about a week ago Gizmodo published a short cameraphone-test, but in addition to the iPhone 4, 3GS and Droid-X, the Canon S90 was thrown in the mix as well for good (sensor) measure :)

For the latest lens reviews, be sure to check the new lens review diary.

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