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July 27, 2010

Review Train (Sony NEXxies, Pana GF1, superzooms, etc)

Put your reading glasses on, fill up the coffee machine with half-caf, and dive into this new edition of the "Review Train"!

We start with a NEXxies review party! Everyone got the memo and the reviews are out! Steve Huff Photo has published a combo NEX-5 and NEX-3 review. The Sony F505 makes a guest appearance. There's plenty of action in the review, and as usual, we won't spoil it here so be sure to check it out. Meanwhile, the NEX-3 has a review of its own at Photo Review, along with a trip to the streets of New York, hosted by Focus Numerique. Meanwhile the NEX-5 gets a one-page opinion-review at (computer-translated)

If you enjoy photographer-priority straight-to-the-point reviews, Michael Willems has published his experience with the Panasonic GF1! And a brand new GF1 review has just come out at - here is the computer-translation [NEW!]

As we mentioned before, the major digital camera manufacturers are slowly migrating to larger zoom lenses, even at the sub-$200 price-point, in order to entice consumers to buy a digital camera in addition to their smartphones. So here is a new basket of superzoom reviews!

We start with the camera that "won" the discussion wars so far, the Fuji HS10, getting a new review at Pocket Lint.

Next we go to a more affordable and compact model, the fun-travel-zoom Sony Cybershot H55, now with SDHC (like all the other 2010 Sony models), getting tested out at Camera Labs. White coats and pocket protectors are included (maybe).

From there, we go to Canon's first attempt at an actually-fun fun-zoom, the SX210 IS, which just got reviewed at Neutral Day.

Other Reviews
The first backlit CMOS Elph (Ixus/Ixy) from Canon was bound to generate plenty of reviews, and it surely did. Its latest one comes from If you cannot read German, here is the computer translation.

Next up, a non-camera review, it is the Wacom Intuos4 wireless tablet (graphics tablet, not tablet computer), reviewed at Photography Blog.

And a quick reminder, for the latest lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Review Diary 2.0, which now includes an RSS feed for your convenience.

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