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July 09, 2010

Review Train (Sony NEX-3, Ricoh GXR P10, Casio EX-FH100, Leica S2, etc)

Time for another edition of the review train! We already mentioned the EX1/TL500 review at dpreview, now time to check other potentially interesting reviews. We start with the most high profile stand-alone review for the Sony NEX-3 which is hiding in the shadow of the NEX-5, the new review comes from Imaging Resource. Among the many things they feature, they have a body-size comparison to the svelte Pentax Saviour (aka the K-x). Also of interest, ISO comparisons to Panasonic G2/G1, Canon T1i/500D, Olympus E-P1, Samsung NX10, Nikon D3000 et al.

Next up, a brand new review for the Ricoh GXR P10 (that's the compact superzoom model with the 1/2.3" backlit 28-300mm eq lens) at AlphaMountWorld. It includes an ISO range test (DNG files available for personal evaluations), along with a comparison to the S10 (1/1.7" GX100/GX200-type). We won't spill the beans here, so be sure to check it out if curious about the GXR system.

With recent price drops, GXR is finally positioning itself price-wise where (some could argue) they should have been when they launched the system at Fauxtokina in 2009. With the new price drops, the GXR+P10 currently goes for $500 while the P10 sensor+lens block on its own has dropped to $300.

A new review is out for the Casio EX-FH100, the camera that co-won the "fun zoom" group-test at dpreview. The new review is by Rod Lawton at CNet UK. Did they agree with the dpreview findings? Read on to find out what they found out!

After giving the Optio i-10 a reality-check, Trusted Reviews is back with another Pentax Optio review, this time it is the Optio H90. Another reality check or something else? Read on to find out what they found out!

And we close this edition with two quick looks at the Leica S2 monster by David Saffir and at TOP (warning: giant eye-picture greets you!)

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