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July 24, 2010

Review Train (Software Edition: LR3, CS5, GF6, etc)

Time for a software-centric edition of the "Review Train", where we feature reviews of imaging-related software! We start with FingerPaint Professional Edition, reviewed by The Onion Review ;-)

Okay, now time to get serious! We start with a rare software review at dpreview, checking out Adobe's popular and more reasonably-priced Lightroom 3. The 8-page review is headlined by Barnaby Britton, including a RAW "development" comparison between it and Bibble 5 Pro, Canon Digital Photo Professional. Conclusions are on the last page, with the metal rating, but without the bar-charts. As usual, we won't spill the beans here, so be sure to check it out if interested.

Next up, we go to the more expensive Photoshop CS5, reviewed by Theano Nikitas at, and also at PDN Gear Guide, and also also at Photography Blog.

Back to Lightroom 3 again, with reviews recently published at Photo Radar, a sister site to technology site Tech Radar, and Digital Camera Review, a sister site to Notebook Review, and also at Photography Blog.

Lightroom is popular enough that even mainstream technology websites are reviewing it, such as Ars Technica, now part of the Conde Nast empire.

Okay, enough with the Adobe worship ;-) How about some other software? The online "web exclusive" of the Professional Photographer magazine has a review of Genuine Fractals 6 by OnOne Software.

And if you feel like reading a lifetime review, Ted's Images looks at the life of PaintShop Pro (via PentaxForums forums)

For some Bibble action, we have to fly back to March 2010 for a review of Bibble 5 Pro at NeoCamera. Prepare to enter the Matrix!

It looks like almost everyone is mostly reviewing Adobe software these days...

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