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July 16, 2010

Review Train (K-x vs NEX-5, more NEX-5 and NEX-VG10, and more)

Time for another edition of the "Review Train". We start with some comparison action at RiceHigh where the Pentax K-x takes on the Sony NEX-5 in two ISO comparison sets. According to the DxoMark RAW sensor data, the NEX-5 sensor (14mp CMOS Exmor HD) has the best score among APS-C Sony iLCs. The next Rice High test will be SR (shake reduction) related...

It's not often we get reviews from, and today it is often! They have just published their Canon SX210 IS review. The SX210 IS is the compact-fun-zoom going against the TZ-series, not to be confused with the more affordable AA-powered SX120 IS.

The NEX review parade continues with two more in the review column for the NEX-5, at technology website Tech Radar and also at

The NEX VG-10 parade continues as well, this time we have a hands-on preview of the new monster at Engadget, which attended the London showcase event. This means that more hands-on previews are coming up, since I am not sure this was not an event created just for Engadget :)

And some more reviews in lightning-round format (we ran out of smart-ass comments):

+ Casio EX-FH100 at CNet US

+ quick look at the 3D Sweep Panorama of new Cybershots at Pocket Link

+ long one-page review of the Samsung NX10 at

+ Panasonic FX75 (FX70) review at CNet Asia

+ obligatory Canon SD4000 IS (Ixus 300HS) review at Tech Radars

+ Kurt Munger is asking for feedback on which lenses to review next (see under 7/16/10)

+ new lens reviews continually added to the new Lens Review Diary

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