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July 21, 2010

New Panasonic TS10 (FT10) is a new affordable elementproof camera

The brand new Panasonic TS10 aka FT10 is Panasonic's third-waterproof and elementproof digital camera, coming in at a mass-market price of $250, and sadly with the 14mp 1/2.33" sensor. With Canon having just one toy-ish looking model, Sony having just released a TX-series model, and Nikon absent from this market, there is a bigger window than usual for the other manufacturers. As you may recall, the inaugural model, TS1/FT1, came out of the gate swinging - it did surprisingly well at the dpreview underwater group test.

As expected, the camera has a 4X folded-optics zoom lens (35-140mm eq), waterproofness up to 10 feet, shockproofness (drops from 5 feet or less), freezeproofness (down to 14 degrees) and dustproofness. It records 720p Motion-JPG video, has a typical 2.7" LCD (230K), and things like that.

The CIPA battery life estimate is a reasonable 300 shots, and with Panasonic being behind SD, SDXC support is pretty much a given. Sadly, this, just like other new Panasonic cameras, they restrict 3rd-party battery usage through their ID-Security technology. Panasonic is Big Brother, it knows what's best for you ;-) At least they didn't lock the battery inside the camera like Apple does with their products :)

The camera is available in multiple colors for pre-order at Amazon for $250.

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