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July 17, 2010

Panasonic self-leaks specs of LX5, FZ100, FZ40 and FX700 (and FT10 too)

Update (July 21): The LX5 is now officially announced by Panasonic and it is available for pre-order at Amazo for $500 [NEW!]

Also officially announced are the: [NEW!]
+ Panasonic FZ100 - more advanced than FZ40, with MOS sensor, free-angle, hot-shoe
+ Panasonic FZ40 (FZ45) - FZ35/FZ38 replacement with 24X zoom and 14mp 1/2.33"
+ Panasonic FX700 - a middle-class luxury compact?
+ Panasonic TS10 (FT10) - their third elementproof camera

Original Post of the Panasonic leak
Panasonic has a weekend present for all of us! A boatload of leaked new cameras on their website! There's already plenty of action on these newly leaked cameras at 43rumors and the dpreview Panasonic forum. The cameras are leaked on Panasonic's own support website and over 12 hours after the leak, they still remain up on the site!

The leader of the pack is the new LX5, following up on the LX3 with a 10mp 1/1.63" CCD sensor, but a zoomier lens, a more versatile 24-90mm f2-3.3 lens with PowerOIS, AVCHD Lite 720p video, 3-inch LCD, optional OVF/EVF, RAW, SDXC support, 400 CIPA and things like that. The specs table is not quite clear on the burst mode (eg RAW or JPEG). The LX5 will be available in black (LX5K) or white (LX5W), while the LX3 was available in black (LX3K) or silver (LX3S). The equivalent focal range is slightly more telephoto than for stills, 25-95mm eq (Video) vs 24-90mm eq (stills). Since the original post, we posted an LX5 vs LX3 spec-sheet comparison.

The FZ100 and FZ40 are both 24x superzooms, starting at 25mm eq, and featuring 1080/60i video for the FZ100 and 720p for the FZ40. Sadly Panasonic did not learn their lesson, as they are flirting with Monet again as both of these cameras have a 14mp 1/2.3" sensor. They both use the same battery, but the FZ40 scores 580 CIPA versus 410 for the FZ100. They are both listed in black (FZ100K, FZ40K).

The fourth one discovered so far, the FX700 is a luxury-compact, with also a 14mp 1/2.3" sensor, but a 5X optical zoom lens starting at 24mm f2.2, but ending up at f5.9. It has 1080/60i video, 3-inch touchscreen, 300 CIPA, and such. This is listed in black (FX700K) and silver (FX700S)

Prices are not mentioned on the Panasonic website... The LX3 currently goes for $367-$400, but it opened at $500... Panasonic has also picked up a new (bad) habit of not revealing prices at announcement time, so we may have to wait for a second annie to get the prices... Please note the body colors are what is coming to the US market. Other markets may have different or additional body color choices.

UPDATE (July 19): A YouTube video presentation leaks a fifth model, the waterproof FT10. Details in this blog-post. [NEW!]

UPDATE (July 19): The camera-specs have been removed from the Panasonic websites shown below. [NEW!]

Panasonic pages for leaked cameras with detailed specs [camera-specs have been removed]
+ Panasonic LX5
+ Panasonic FZ100
+ Panasonic FZ40
+ Panasonic FX700

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