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July 21, 2010

New Panasonic FZ100 uses MOS sensor (inside: FZ100 vs FZ40/FZ45 spec-sheet differences)

The new Panasonic FZ100 is not quite a FZ50 type of a camera as some photographers may have hoped. Instead, it is very similar (but not identical) to the FZ40/FZ45 but with a different and brand new sensor, a Panasonic MOS instead of a typical CCD. It has the same size (1/2.33") and slightly more megapixels on the sensor (15mp vs 14.5mp), but from a photographer's perspective, they both record the same number of pixels on the memory card.

We did a browser A/B comparison of their specs using the official specifications, and these were the differences...

Panasonic FZ100 vs FZ40 (FZ45) spec-sheet comparison
+ aforementioned sensor differences
+ FZ100 has 3-inch free-angle (460K dot) LCD vs 3" (230K) fixed LCD of FZ40
+ FZ100 has external hot-shoe
+ FZ100 records 1920x1080 video, FZ40/FZ45 records 1280x720 (AVCHD vs AVCHD Lite)
+ FZ100 burst mode is 11fps with a buffer of 15, versus 1.8fps with a buffer of 5
+ other derivative burst mode differences based on sensor differences
+ FZ100 CIPA estimate 410 vs 580 for FZ40/FZ45 (MOS sensor more power-hungry?)
+ FZ100 has "high speed movie" mode, a couple of other minor mode differences
+ FZ40/FZ45 starts at ISO 80
+ FZ100 has "film modes"
+ FZ100 has "Motion DeBlur". FZ40/FZ45 prefers Pulp and Oasis ;-)
+ shutter interval (not counting AF): FZ100 0.4 sec minimum vs 0.7 sec minimum
+ release time lag: FZ100 0.008 sec vs 0.006 sec for FZ40/FZ45
+ FZ40/FZ45 has "Macro Zoom" under Focus, the Fz100 does not (could be a typo/error in the spec-sheets)
+ FZ100 is slightly larger by 4 x 1.4 x 3.3 mm (mm = millimeters; 10mm = 1cm; 2.54cm = 1 inch) [Width, Height, Depth]
+ FZ100 is 42grams heavier
+ this list is not comprehensive, may have typos or errors

The camera is available for pre-order at Amazon for $500, which is $100 more than the FZ40/FZ45.

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