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July 15, 2010

Nikon D300s and Sony A330 get DxOMark data with 21 and 16 lenses

Two new sets of DxOmark sensor+lens tests are now published at DxOMark for the understated Nikon D300s and the lost-in-a-sea-within-a-sea-of-Alphas Sony A330. To see the results, select each camera from the Camera With Lens test page. The cameras had been previously DxoMark'ed themselves, but now DxOMark has added their camera+lens test results. The D300s was tested with 21 lenses and the A330 with 16 lenses.

You can also see where the cameras/sensors stand in the grand scheme of things at the list of all cameras tested. There you can filter by manufacturer to see where they stand within the Nikon and Sony line-ups, and there you can find two surprises...

On the Sony front, the NEXxies have the best RAW sensor score among all Sony Alphas, except for the two 35mmFF models (A900, A850). This bodes well for the upcoming parade of Alpha DSLRs using this 14mp Exmor HD CMOS sensor - in terms of RAW sensor data.

On the Nikon side, the surprise is not a happy one for the D300s - the D90 and D5000 rank ahead of it. There's no way to create a direct link to these, so start at the list of all cameras and then filter by Sony or Nikon to see these.

We should repeat it for those not familiar with the DxoMark data, these are evaluating the RAW performance of the sensor. The final picture you get with your camera depends on many other factors as well. Just like you can't judge a computer solely based on the speed of its processor, you can't judge a camera solely based on the RAW performance of its sensor (oops, computer-analogy, bad, bad bad!).

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