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July 14, 2010

New Top Selling Digital Camera update (after almost three months)

All apologies for the near three-month delay in-between updates, but we finally have a brand new snapshot of the top selling digital cameras at Amazon. This is a recurring feature, but if you are seeing this for the first time, be sure to check the About page. It is time-consuming to prepare, which is why it sometimes falls behind. All apologies for the delays!

Because it has been three months, there is a lot of volatility in terms of prices and movement, so please keep that in mind! It is also interesting to note that some cameras haven't really changed much in terms of price despite the 3 months in-between. We start as always with a screenshot teaser.


The rise of the affordables
Considering the current economic environment it is perhaps not a surprise to see the rise of some of the affordable digital cameras in terms of sales. A couple of notable success stories (in terms of rankings) are the HP PB360, a new P&S camera with a 3-inch touchscreen offered for a mere $79. Is HP actually losing money on this one and simply using it to buy customers and market share?

If you are a brand purist, hold your nose! A generic camera carrying the name of Polaroid (no actual relation to Polaroid film) is also in the Top 10, currently going for $70. And it's orange! We have put barf bags underneath your seats for your convenience :)

Of the major manufacturers, it looks like Panasonic has finally managed to "break out" with a consumer mass-market camera below the TZ-series. The Panasonic FH20 has multiple body colors and already one of them is in the top five, another in the top 20, and two more in the top 60. Panasonic had tried a lot of different things in the past, it even had the LZ8 which as you may recall won the dpreview budget-compact group test, but it looks like the FH20 is winning the wallets of buyers. If the name FH20 sounds familiar, it is the camera that won the best consumer compact award at DigitalCamera-HQ in mid-June of this year.

Top 25 Vitals
+ # of DSLRs in the Top 25: four
+ # of cameras at/under $100: two
+ # of cameras at/above $1000: one
+ # of superzooms (10X or more): six
+ CaNiKon vs The Field: 18-7
+ Canon vs The Field: 14-11 (yes, them Amazon buyers love them Canons)

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