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July 28, 2010

New Samsung ST80 Wifi P&S (and HMX-E10 slim camcorder stick)

Samsung has announced two new items today, the ST80 wifi point and shoot digital camera, and a slim-shady camcorder stick that is inspired by smartphones.

Samsung ST80 point and shoot camera
This is your typical 14mp 1/2.3" digital camera with a 3X (35-105mm eq) optical zoom lens but with a twist - it has built-in WiFi support and includes free access to Boingo hotspots. Other features include a 3-inch (230K) touchscreen, 720p video, LiIon battery and things like that. It should come out in August for 300 euro (Europe) and September for around $250 (US).

We yell at companies when they give a single camera different names around the world, so it is only fair to applaud them when they return to their senses and give a camera the same name around the world. So kudos to Samsung for naming this ST80 everywhere (as far as we can tell) and preventing global confusion.

For more, be sure to check DC Resource, Photoscala, DPhotographer UK, etc, etc.

Samsung HMX-E10 slim camcorder stick
Yesterday Panasonic announced a new camcorder-stick, today, Samsung takes the camcorder sticks to a whole 'nother level by making their new model look slicker and more like a smartphone. If people love smartphones, why not give them what they already love? :)

It has a 1/3.2" CMOS sensor, 2.7" touchscreen display, a lens that swivels 270-degrees, and an opening price of $200.

For more, be sure to check Pocket Lint, Gimzodo, etc, etc.

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