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July 21, 2010

New Samsung ST600 and ST100 "grow" 1.8" front LCDs

We do not know if Samsung has wrapped front+back LCD cameras in lawyerese and no one else is allowed to make them, but so far, they are the only ones! Today they have announced two more cameras with a front+back LCD display, making it a total of six, and continuing to try to carve a consumer-gadget niche with this feature.

These two new models, the ST600 and ST100 have "grown" larger LCDs, jumping from 1.5" to 1.8". Not so long ago, cameras costing $500+ did not even have an 1.8" LCD on the back! That's how the world of technology rolls, and rolls, and rolls!

The two new models feature (sadly) the 14mp 1/2.3" sensor. Both have a 5X stabilized lens "blessed" by Schneider, however the ST600 starts at 27mm equivalent, while the ST100 starts at 35mm. They have a 3.5" back LCD, in addition to the aforementioned 1.8" front LCDs. Other features include 720p video, Samsung's Smart Gesture User Interface, and a ...Couples mode. Roses and wine not included!

The cameras are expected to come out in September for $330 and $350. Strangely, the camera with the higher model number (ST600) costs slightly less than the camera with the lower model number (ST100). The main reason is probably because the ST100 has folded-optics, while the ST600 has a typical extending/protruding digicam lens (not a scientific term).

As you can tell from the prices, these are intended to be the "leaders" of this six-pack. The TL225/TL220 (ST550/ST500) are currently hugging the $200 line, while the TL210/TL205 cost even less.

We have to give credit to Samsung for using the same model names in multiple continents with this release. It wasn't the case with their previous dualview models. [as far as we can tell as of the time of writing]

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