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July 07, 2010

New Cybershot WX5 embodies Sony's hopes and fears with backlit Exmor-R and 3D Sweep Panorama

The second camera to feature the new 12mp 1/2.3" Exmor-R backlit CMOS sensor with 3D Sweep Panorama is the brand new Sony Cybershot WX5, only the second in the WX-series, which got launched in August 2009 with the 10mp Exmor-R sensor. This is the more "serious" camera of the two, as it features a standard non-folded digital camera lens, with optical stabilization and the Sony G name. The lens is a versatile 24-120mm eq (5X zoom ratio).

It shares many features with the new TX9, such as 1080i video, the aforementioned 3D Sweep Panorama and backlit Exmor-R sensor, and even the same CIPA rating of 230 which seems rather low for a non-folded optics non-entry-level camera. This has a smaller 2.8" LCD screen even, but apparently it doesn't help the battery life.

The opening price will be $300, and available in five different colors (in some markets), which is perhaps a sign/hope that 3D will be a selling point that will make this more successful than the WX1. Interestingly, while Sony announced four TX-series models so far, this is just the second WX-series - even though the WX1 and TX1 came out together in August of 2009.

With the MemoryStick-only stigma out of the way, this camera will have both the 3D and SDHC+MemoryStick advantage when the average consumer is shopping and comparing specs for cameras in this price and feature range.

In terms of pre-ordering, as of the time of writing we checked Amazon but the camera is not listed there (yet).


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