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July 10, 2010

Mirrorless price wars - a visual snapshot as of July 10, 2010

With three competing mirrorless camera systems, and the Nikon President firing a shot across the bow of the Pirates of the SLR Mirror, it is time to take a snapshot of the current mirrorless camera market.

More specifically, we are taking a look at the prices of the currently available cameras in the US market. The price you see below for each camera is the lowest price among Amazon (Amazon itself and A-list third-party sellers only), Adorama and B&H Photo. For cameras with multiple body colors, we include the lowest price, not the average price. For cameras available in multiple configurations with the same lens (eg Olympus E-P2) we pick the lowest price (typically it is the base configuration, camera + lens). We only include standard kits with USA warranty available at multiple retailers.

So here we go, first the pancake kits, and then the zoom kits. If you re-publish these charts on your website, blog or forum, please be sure to include proper credit/reference/link, and please do not hotlink.

bar chart showing prices of mirrorless camera kits with a mirrorless lens as of July 10, 2010

bar chart showing prices of mirrorless camera kits with a zoom lens as of July 10, 2010

As you can see in the two charts above (and the one below), Sony has lit a fire in the market by offering their four NEX kits at competitive prices out the door. All the other kits you see (with the exception of the just-released Panasonic G2 and G10) have already had at least one non-trivial price-drop. This puts some price-pressure particularly on the Olympus E-P2 and Panasonic GF1 and the just released G2 (saved by the touch-screen?).

Obviously being in the market the longest, and having eight different cameras, Micro 4/3rds has cameras all over the place. The E-PL1 has the lowest price among 2010 models, "beating" the NEX-3 w/16mm pancake by about $25 at the moment.

Sony's "swarming" has also left the Samsung NX10 "surrounded". Sony and Samsung are both using APS-C sensors, so people who place a higher-weight on sensor-size are more likely to look at the NEX and NX models [funny how they almost have the same name!].

For more on the above cameras, be sure to check the long lists of reviews at the Review Organizer and also M43reviews.

If you want to see all the kits (pancakes and zooms) together in one chart, check it out after the jump...

bar chart showing prices of mirrorless cameras as of July 10, 2010

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