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July 15, 2010

Mamiya news roundup (DM22/28/33 worldwide launch, new remote s/w, RZ33 trade-in, new logo)

The Sony NEX-VG10 may have dominated the headlines the last 24 hours but that's not the only thing out there. Medium format has some news tidbits as well. We already mentioned Hasselblad having a September-22 press event at the Photokina trade show. Mamiya itself has been busy the last few days with a series of updates as follows:

+ Mamiya DM22, DM28 and D33 digital camera systems will be available worldwide at affordable prices - read more at Imaging Resource, Echenique, ephotozine, DPhotographer UK

+ new remote viewing software (Leaf Remote capture 2) plays well with iPad, iPhone, Macs - read more at Imaging Insider, PMA News Line, dpnow

+ $1000 trade-in program for the new RZ33 medium format digital when you trade in RZ67 or RB67 - read more at Digital Wedding, dpnow, PhotoXels, Digital Journal of P

+ Mamiya has a new (ugly?) logo - read more at DC Views, Photoscala, Photoxels

+ Mamiya turns 70 years old - birthday party at Photography Blog

+ Prices have certainly become competitive, the DM22 digital back goes for $8000 on its own, while the DM22 take-pictures-with camera system goes for $10000 (includes digital back, camera and 80mm f2.8). When you consider that the Nikon D3x came out the door at $8000, and without a lens...

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