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July 28, 2010

Leica VP of marketing on why no Micro Four Thirds (quoted in PopSci article)

Imaging Insider features a new test performed at the Popular Science Gadgets blog, where they decided to test whether pairing one of the "best lenses in the world" (Leica Elmar-M 24mm f2.4, $2400) with a modern digital camera (Olympus E-P2) is worth the money. For comparison purposes, they also compared this to the Olympus 17mm f2.8 pancake lens which goes for under $300.

In addition to relaying their findings, PopSci contacted Leica, where Leica VP of marketing Christian Erhardt said this about Micro Four Thirds:

“One reason why we've decided not to move into Micro Four Thirds is that we have looked at the sensor size and realized that it cannot produce the image quality that we need. Therefore we decided to stick with the full format in addition to APS-C. It's all about the ratios"

The Leica VP of marketing also made comments about potential issues when the Leica lenses are not used with a 35mm full frame sensor. For the speed-readers out there, the comments are sandwiched between the thumbnails and the Conclusions paragraph of the Pop Sci article.

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