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July 18, 2010

Leica round-up: 35+ minute S2 video overview, f1 Noctilux samples, X1 Korean review

The blog of David Farkas (of Leica dealer Dale & Photo Digital in Florida) has published a series of Leica S2 video overview videos with a total run time of over 35 minutes. The overview goes through the various features and menus of the Leica. For a larger video size, click thru to YouTube or watch at full-screen.

Next up, some f1 pictures taken with the Noctilux 50mm f1 by Dirk "Teknopunk" Steffen posted on his blog. This is the "strictly f1" gallery. For more of his black+white pictures with the Noctilux 50mm f1 check his blog archives.

Next up, a very long Leica X1 review in Korean at SLR Club. Unfortunately they publish their reviews as a series of JPEG files, so computer-translation cannot help us there :( [via Foto Actualidad]

And we close with some $good$ $news$ for Leica fans. The camera has reported profits and growth and the future looks bright! More details at AP UK (via Insider). As the great Benjamin Sisko said in the future, "fortune favors the bold". Another sign perhaps that the market is hungry for innovation instead of sequential drip-drop updates we have gotten accustomed to from the Japanese (D)SLR establishment. All three new Leica cameras were bold moves, a brand new medium format system with the S2, their first 35mmFF digital camera with the M9, and an APS-C prime compact with the X1.

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