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July 2010 (155 posts)

July 31: Leaked picture of white camera body from Korea: The Samsung NX100 white?
July 31: (DEAD) Deal alert: Panasonic GH1 w/14-140mm for $960
July 30: Review Train (Samsung EX1, ISO comparisons, D3s, NEX-5, DP2s, Sony TX9, etc)
July 29: Panasonic LX5, FZ100 announced in Japan (monthly production numbers revealed)
July 29: Market Pulse: Imaging Sensors, Russian market updates
July 29: Fauxtography News: The alleged Ansel negatives came from ...Uncle Earl
July 29: Rumor round-up (Canon 50D/5DMk2 replacements, four new Alpha DSLRs, Samyang lens, new Epson printers)
July 29: Two Fuji F300-EXR reviews at Quesabesde and CNet Asia
July 29: The Trouble Repor(t): 81 Sigma SD15 units have a bad (Japan)
July 29: Opinions, opinions, opinions (photoblogosphere round-up)
July 28: Leica VP of marketing on why no Micro Four Thirds (quoted in PopSci article)
July 28: Two new Amazon Kindles for $139 (WiFi only) and $189 (WiFi + free 3G)
July 28: New Sinar p-slr marries DSLRs with Sinar View cameras
July 28: Review Train (Alpha A390, Leica X1, Sony HX5v, etc)
July 28: Sony, full frame sensors, Nikon and conspiracies revisited at Hogan's
July 28: Pentax K-7 gets new features with firmware update 1.10 (updated)
July 28: New Samsung ST80 Wifi P&S (and HMX-E10 slim camcorder stick)
July 27: Panasonic working on 3D twin-lens for Micro Four Thirds (development notice)
July 27: Leaked Panasonic 3D camcorder HDC-SDT750 official (also: new TA1 camcorder stick)
July 27: Ansel's grandson has doubts about authenticity of alleged Ansel Adams negatives found in SoCal
July 27: Review Train (Sony NEXxies, Pana GF1, superzooms, etc)
July 27: Hogan on Nikon expectations and the Sony full-frame fall out
July 27: Three new Sony Alpha lenses are announced
July 26: Chart attack: Cameras per month in 2010 vs 2009 (as of July 25, 2010)
July 26: New issue of PhotographyBB online magazine is out
July 26: Rumor round-up: Sony full-frame panic, new Sony primes, Canon 60D LCD & more
July 26: Panasonic 3D consumer camcorder leaked by ...Panasonic
July 26: Panasonic FZ100 hands-on, full-size samples, videos & more at Q
July 25: Weekend shopper: Some tempting deals available
July 25: New Camera Manufacturer Leaderboard (with small Fuji/Panasonic correction)
July 24: Review Train (Software Edition: LR3, CS5, GF6, etc)
July 24: (DEAD) GH1 kit drops to around $965 (one retailer left) [GH2 coming up?] {updated}
July 23: Review Train (HS10, X90, E-PL1, K-x, NEX-5, EX1, GRD3, etc)
July 23: Hands-on with the Fuji F300EXR at CNet Asia
July 23: Sony announcing 24mm f2 Distagon T* ZA SSM on Tuesday says Zeiss
July 23: (DEAD, now $350) In-stock alert: Samsung TL350 for $300
July 23: Market research: mirrorless pick up steam in Western Europe, but prices an issue
July 23: Interview with Sony on NEX E-mount strategy (computer-translated)
July 23: Patent watch: Panasonic three-layer sensor (filed XMas 2008, published early July 2010)
July 23: Canon 1DMk4 vs Nikon D3s at ThePhoBlographer
July 23: Panasonic 3D consumer-tier camcorder coming on July 28 (rumors)
July 22: Canon 7D gets new firmware (version 1.2.2)
July 22: Photokina 2010 Hopes and Fears - what do you think?
July 22: Rounding up the 13 new cameras from Panasonic, Fuji and Samsung
July 21: New Panasonic LX5 builds upon the LX3, avoids taking risks
July 21: Fuji F300-EXR betrays F200-EXR users, but intrigues with hybrid phase-detection AF feature
July 21: New Panasonic FZ100 uses MOS sensor (inside: FZ100 vs FZ40/FZ45 spec-sheet differences)
July 21: New Panasonic FZ40 (FZ45) jumps to 24X lens, 580 CIPA (but 14mp 1/2.33" CCD)
July 21: New Panasonic FX700 is sort of like a middle-class luxury compact
July 21: New Panasonic TS10 (FT10) is a new affordable elementproof camera
July 21: New Fuji S2800HD (aka S2900HD) 18X PASM superzoom jumps on 14mp 1/2.3"
July 21: New Fuji Z800EXR (Z808EXR) folded-optics compact with new Hybrid Autofocus
July 21: New Fuji Z80 (Z81) is another unnecessary folded-optics camera
July 21: New Fuji JX280 is yet another unnecessary P&S camera
July 21: New Samsung ST600 and ST100 "grow" 1.8" front LCDs
July 21: New Samsung PL200 combats cameraphones with 7X stabilized lens, 720p for $180
July 20: New Fuji cameras announced, leaked Panasonics now official
July 20: YouTube hands-on: Canon 1D Mark IV vs Nikon D3s by Adorama.TV
July 20: New archive of Breaking News headline-banners
July 20: Review Train (Samsung NX10, Panasonic G10, Sony A500, Optio i10, and more)
July 20: Nikon issues mini-statement on 24-70mm f2.8 light leaks (tries to avoid a 1DMk3-style waterloo?)
July 20: Canon announces new printers that print HD movie stills (what???)
July 20: Canon working on smaller DSLRs to compete with mirrorless/EVILs
July 19: Hogan on deciding which DSLRs/lenses to take on a trip
July 19: DIY: Record HD-Video with older Canon DSLRs (40D, 450D/XSi) that have Live View (connected to computer)
July 19: Q sees two new Pentax DSLRs at/by Photokina
July 19: Sharp announces new 100GB triple-layer Blu-Ray discs (I can has RAW nao?)
July 19: Panasonic removes leaked cameras, YouTube video leaks a fifth one (waterproof FT10/TS10)
July 19: Charts du jour: Manufacturer Leaderboard and Cameras by Type (as of July 16, 2010)
July 18: Picture #19000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
July 18: More iPhone + SLR lens geekery: this one actually records video!
July 18: Leica round-up: 35+ minute S2 video overview, f1 Noctilux samples, X1 Korean review
July 17: Panasonic LX5 vs LX3 spec-sheet comparison
July 17: Panasonic self-leaks specs of LX5, FZ100, FZ40 and FX700 (and FT10 too)
July 16: Weekend shopper (Ricoh GX100 in-stock for $300, Canon T1i two-lens kit for $730, mirrorless discounts, etc)
July 16: Review Train (K-x vs NEX-5, more NEX-5 and NEX-VG10, and more)
July 16: "iPhone DSLR" prototype generates excitement, rants, fanboy wars (actually a fantasy) [updated]
July 16: Detailed hands-on with Pentax 645D at Q
July 16: is back with a new community format
July 15: Looking at the results of the "What New Cameras are we getting" polls
July 15: Canon 1D Mark IV review by Bob Atkins
July 15: More Nikon future talk radio (DSLRs and sensors) at Hogan's
July 15: Communication failure: Sony NEX-VG10 progressive vs interlaced (updated)
July 15: Review Train (Sony NEX 3D Sweep panorama, NEX-5, Samsung EX1/TL500, etc)
July 15: New wireless (802.11n) transmitter from Canon found at FCC (may/may-not be camera-related)
July 15: Nikon D300s and Sony A330 get DxOMark data with 21 and 16 lenses
July 15: Sony NEX gets its own dpreview forum - a sign it has arrived!
July 15: Mamiya news roundup (DM22/28/33 worldwide launch, new remote s/w, RZ33 trade-in, new logo)
July 15: Pentax announces new Classic Silver color for Optio i-10
July 15: Sony releases 5-minute NEX-VG10 video (and separate hands-on by Charles Michel)
July 14: David Ziser on Canon 7D or 5D Mark II for wedding photography
July 14: Opinions and reactions to the Sony NEX-VG10 (part #2: forums)
July 14: Compact Flash announces plans for 5.1 specification
July 14: Opinions and reactions to the Sony NEX-VG10 (part #1: blogosphere) [updated]
July 14: Hasselblad schedules September 22 press conference at Photokina (could be something or not)
July 14: Quesabesde rumors on the future of Olympus and Four Thirds
July 14: New Top Selling Digital Camera update (after almost three months)
July 13: Sony officially announces NEX-mount APS-C HD camcorder - meet the new NEX-VG10
July 13: Hogan speculates on Nikon D4 sensor and talks 12mp vs 18mp "addiction"
July 13: Pentax 645D shown in Spain, European release as late as January 2011
July 13: Review Train (Samsung EX1, Casio EX-FH25, etc)
July 13: Panasonic FZ100 name-leaked in Korea
July 12: Oldest DSLRs without a replacement (as of July 12, 2010) [long post]
July 12: Fuji HS10 review at Imaging Resource
July 12: Hogan on mirrorless with a surprise, another surprise camera (and proof he is the secret Nikon president)
July 12: Review Train (Panasonic G2, Sony NEX-3, Oly E-PL1, superzooms)
July 12: Nikon President talks about "redefining photography"
July 11: What new cameras are we getting in 2010? You Decide (polls)
July 11: Tips: Gear for trekking photography at Luminous
July 10: Mirrorless price wars - a visual snapshot as of July 10, 2010
July 10: Curiosity factor: Hands-on with new Zeiss CP.2 cinema primes
July 9: YouTube embraces 4K video
July 9: Deal alert: Ricoh GX100 w/VF1 viewfinder for $300 [ships in 1-2 months; updated]
July 9: Review Train (Sony NEX-3, Ricoh GXR P10, Casio EX-FH100, Leica S2, etc)
July 9: Rumors of new Panasonic (large-sensor compact?) shown to press in Sweden
July 9: Samsung EX1 (TL500) review at dpreview
July 8: Canon makes big bucks, DSLRs contributed to profits
July 8: Canon falls off a cliff as Nikon grabs the #1 market share in DSLRs/iLCs in Japan in H1:2010 [revisited]
July 8: Master photographer shares secrets at
July 8: Mirrorless review train (Sony NEX-5, Panasonic G2, Samsung NX10)
July 8: Nikon President reveals plans for mirrorless camera with video (maybe)
July 8: Forum rumor: Olympus 4/3rds flagship coming at Photokina, 43rds not dying, but will go mirrorless and merge
July 8: Rice High rescues deleted Pentax rumor talking three DSLRs for Photokina
July 8: Catching up with Bravo's "Double Exposure" photographer reality TV show
July 7: New Cybershot WX5 embodies Sony's hopes and fears with backlit Exmor-R and 3D Sweep Panorama
July 7: New Sony TX9 has new 12mp backlit sensor and 3D Sweep Panorama
July 7: New Sony Cybershot T99 continues "bijou" T-series with 14mp 1/2.3"
July 7: Sony launches new 12mp 1/2.3" Exmor-R sensor with 3D Sweep Panorama
July 7: Nikon grabs the #1 spot in DSLRs in Japan for H1:2010
July 7: Review Train (Canon T2i, Fuji HS10, XP10, Oly, iPhone 4, and more)
July 7: CNet future talk: 13 things we want to see in cameras in 2010
July 7: New Oregon Scientific ATC9K promises 1080p, GPS, G-sensor, 5mp, waterproofness (20m)
July 7: Patent archives just published: Olympus tracks your eye, adjusts viewfinder
July 7: RED EPIC back on track, RED CEO gets his mojo back
July 7: New firmware for Canon 1D Mark IV and T2i/550D/Kiss FM
July 6: Historic rumor bomb: Hogan was asked to lead F-mount alternative startup company
July 6: System Switch: Canon to Nikon for wedding photographer Allister Freeman
July 6: Ricoh offers GXR + S10 (1/1.7", 24-72mm eq) as a bundle at the more reasonable price of $600 [updated]
July 6: Ritz/Wolf declares war on working photographers
July 6: Panasonic UK leaks names of upcoming LX5 and FZ45 cameras!
July 6: Canon shows futuristic all-in-one consumer megazoom concept camera in China
July 6: Superzoom group-tests at dpreview and Quesabesde
July 5: Two new Sony NEX-5 reviews at P-Blog and B-n-S
July 5: Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 (FX) becomes official (Nikon and Canon) [update: samples!]
July 4: Announcement Wars: DSLRs vs Mirrorless interchangeable-lens digital cameras
July 4: Three different sets of camera group-comparisons (mirrorless, DSLRs, X1)
July 2: Rumor round-up: Canon patent, Powershots, Olympus
July 2: Imaging Resource finishes Canon T2i/550D review
July 2: Ricoh GXR P10 (28-300mm eq) samples at dpreview
July 2: Review Train (T2i/550D, DP2s, A450, Z981, and wandering off-topic)
July 2: Camera boxes updated in left-sidebar, feedback time for Lens Reviews diary
July 1: Canon CPS hotline goes 24x7 right now, adds third support center in Virginia
July 1: Deal alert: Panasonic G1 (black) w/14-45mm for $500
July 1: Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 get DxOMark'ed, NEX-5 gets DCI review
July 1: A duo of new Samsung EX1 (TL500) reviews hit the internets [updated]


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