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July 12, 2010

Hogan on mirrorless with a surprise, another surprise camera (and proof he is the secret Nikon president)

Thom Hogan has posted a trio of articles on his website regarding Nikon and the future. In one of the articles he points to today's comment by the Nikon President about "redefining photography" and he points to his Camera Redefined series from April 2010 where he went into detail about the "state of the camera nation". So in case it wasn't obvious before, we now have confirmation - Thom Hogan is the secret Nikon president, the leader of the Nikon Shadow Guv'ment - the one pulling the strings behind the scenes! :)

In his post, he talks about two surprises, a surprise feature for the mirrorless camera and he also talks about another surprise camera, not related to mirrorless, one Hogan says has not been speculated in the photo-blogo-sphere so far. Now we all have our homework assignment - to find this surprise camera and the surprise feature! :)

Could either one (or both) of the surprise cameras/features be related to today's quote by the Nikon CEO "It will be a camera that may take photos of the world that the traditional SLR cannot reach"?

In the third article, Hogan goes on to speculate about sensors for the upcoming Nikon DSLRs, and also about the upcoming DSLRs themselves. He covers all the major Nikon segments!

If reading at a later date, check his 2010 archives for the three articles under July 11, 2010! He may be the secret Nikon President, but he is clearly not the president of Permalinks Inc ;-)

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