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July 21, 2010

New Fuji Z800EXR (Z808EXR) folded-optics compact with new Hybrid Autofocus

The Fuji Z700-EXR marked the return of the SuperCCD sensor to "bijou" compacts in February 2010. Nearly five months later, Fuji is back with a second model, the new Finepix Z800-EXR. The camera also goes by the name of Z808-EXR, which may become popular in Hawai'i if it gets released there with this name :)

The camera has the 12mp 1/2" SuperCCD-EXR sensor, with a 5X folded-optics (35-175mm eq) lens with CCD-shift stabilization. It has a 3.5" touchscreen LCD (460K dots), a burst mode of 1.6fps (5), NP-45A LiIon battery (170), 720p video, Motion Panorama 360 stitching, and things like that.

As with other "bijou" compacts, the camera tries to improve on the user experience, inspired perhaps by the popularity of (and the raising of the bar by) smartphones out there. It includes a "dual direction GUI" that senses how you are holding the camera and adjusts the user interface accordingly.

The camera includes the Hybrid Autofocus (contrast-detection and phase-detection), just like the new Fuji F300-EXR. We will have more on that in the F300-EXR post. For now, there is a short video clip at Fuji's showcasing it (from their perspective).

The Z800EXR is available for pre-order at Amazon for $230 in your choice of four body colors.

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