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June 09, 2010

Sony introduces two new Alpha DSLRs - the A390 and A290 [updated]

Sony has officially revealed two more Alpha DSLRs, increasing the head-count to 11 under $1000 since CES 2008 2009. Due to time-constraints we cannot go into details right now, but we will have more later today...

Later Today
In the era of HD-Video DSLRs, and despite a total of 11 sub-$1000 DSLRs since CES 2008 2009, Sony has announced two new DSLRs without HD-Video. The A390 and A290 have a 14mp CCD APS-C sensor, with sensor-shift stabilization, BIONZ engine, 2.5fps, 2.7" LCD, LiIon battery, SDHC/Memorysticks, and come bundled with the 18-55mm lens in the "L" kits.

The differences, as usual, are not many. The A390 has Quick AF Live View and a tilting LCD display, while the A290 does not. Putting the specs from the Sony UK website side by side, there is also a difference in diopter/eye-relief/magnification and the A290 is 41 grams lighter. They both have a CIPA 500 battery life estimate, but when using Live View, the A390 drops to 230.

Price-wise, in the UK, the A290L goes for GBP 400 and the A390L for GBP 450. In Europe, the prices are 450 and 500 euro respectively. These have not been announced in the USA or Japan (yet?), but Imaging Resource mentions prices of $500 and $600 respectively for the US market.

So in conclusion, where is the Alpha A700 replacement???

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