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June 17, 2010

Review Train (NX10, Ixus 300HS, Casio EX-FH100, A450, Z700exr, K-lens shootout)

It is time again for another thrill-ride on the "Review Train", where overworked reviewers try to keep up with a barrage of 200+ new cameras per year.

We start with part #2 of the multi-part Samsung NX10 review at Enticing the Light. Staying tuned for the dramatic conclusion in part #3! Will the NX10 stay with the NX5 or go for the more tactile NC110? ;-)

Next up, a review of a suddenly-hot camera, the Casio EX-FH100 at Info Sync World. We'll have more on the reactions of the dpreview superzoom group test later today (other things equal).

Another popular camera is the Canon Ixus 300HS (SD4000 IS, Ixy 30S), and this time it has received a new review at Photo Review.

New Sony Alpha DSLRs are coming out faster than new donut flavors at Dunkin Donuts, and Photography Blog has tested the strawberry and bananas flavor, otherwise known as Alpha A450.

Lost perhaps in a sea of "bijou compacts" is the return of the SuperCCD sensor at the 1/2.x" size with the Fuji Z700-EXR. The EXR is a good reminder :) And this very camera gets tested out at Neutral Day.

And now a blast from the past lensaholic shootout, three APS-C "18-50mm" zooms from Pentax, Tamron and Shiguma are competing at (via RiceHigh).

Speaking of lenses, be sure to visit and bookmark the brand new Lens Review Diary. It is a dedicated mini-site that does only one thing - provide updates on the latest lens reviews. It also has a free full-text RSS feed.

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