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June 22, 2010

Review Train (NX10, HS10, FH20, K-x, NEX-5, etc)

Time for another edition of the "Review Train"! Did you know there are more camera reviews per day than rain drops in an average rain cloud? (Probably not, because it's not true!)

Hot on the heels of winning the Digital Camera HQ group comparison (spoiler alert) the Panasonic FH20 has a new hurdle to climb, an express review at one of the grand-daddies of camera reviews, Imaging Resource. What did they find out? We won't spill the beans here!

You can buy over 40 Panasonic FH20 cameras for the price of a single Leica M9, and the M9 is Brideshead Revisited at Luminous Landscape (corrected link, thanks Robert!), six months after the original post on the camera.

Another mirrorless, but of a different kind is the Sony NEX-5 and it has some more action at Que sa be sde. "Muestras" has the full-size sample pictures. Speaking of the NEX-5, the B&H Insights blog has some updates on the upcoming firmware update that will give the NEXxies the "3D sweep panorama" feature.

On the other side of the aisle we find Samsung, Sony's latest bitter rival, and the NX-10 has some more action with a new review at Stevie Franchise's.

And now a DSLR review, Enticing the Light has completed their Pentax K-x review with part #3 out of 3. As a refresher, episode #2 ended on this cliffhanger: "It’s normal for SR" :)

It's getting windy now, time to glue the lenses on the cameras and check some fixed-lens camera reviews, starting with the Fuji HS10 getting another review, this time at CNet UK.

A couple of sizes smaller is the Panasonic TZ8 (ZS5), the "deputy" of the TZ10 (ZS7), tested out at Trusted Reviews in a trustworthy fashion.

And we close with one more Canon sD4000 IS review, this time it is at CNet SF (corrected link). So many CNets, so little time!

For lens reviews, be sure to check our new dedicated mini-site Lens Reviews. If you have any feedback(s) on it, please let us know. The sooner, the better the chances are of making fundamental changes - if need be :)

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