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June 02, 2010

Review Train (G10, G2, NEX-5, DP2s, HS10, and many more)

Apparently a memo came out declaring today a camera-review-day, because it is raining camera reviews. Here are some potentially interesting ones (we obviously can't cover every single one)...

Mirrorless action
The Panasonic G10 has a de-facto plus - it is an SLR-looking mirrorless camera at $600, and Panasonic (ironically perhaps) is the only one with that at the moment. So that may get it some extra attention, along with a new review of it at CNet UK.

Staying with the PanaM43rds, we have a pixel-peeping party at, starting with ISO-crop color-chart comparisons from the Panasonic G2, followed by real world pictures which include an ISO 400/1600-6400 of a night scene. Which one of you ate ISO 800? Confess!

Can someone please test the video mode of the Sony NEX-5? It looks like Focus Numerique is raising their hand :)

DSLR action
How about some DSLR action now? Rice High features a YouTube-test of the Canon 7D vs Pentax K-7 autofocusing. Ouch for the K-7 without even looking at it? :) Speaking of RiceHigh, he has published a test and review matrix so you can check all his tests and reviews in one place. There he reveals that he is planning an upcoming T2i/550D vs K-x test. (yes, we cover review rumors too ;-))

Speaking of the T2i/550D, it got reviewed by Digital Camera Info a couple of days ago. For more T2i/550D review action, be sure to visit and bookmark and share its review cluster.

Tired of reading? Who can blame you! Here is a 7-minute video overview of the Nikon D3000 at the recently launched

Foveon action
Don't you forget about me sings the Sigma DP2s, as it gets not one but two posts today, one at and another at Neutral Day. These could be a record - two Sigma DP-series posts on the same day? :)

SuperZoom Party
Samsung follows Panasonic's strategy of compact-fun-zoom duets, and the WB600/HZ30 is the "deputy" of the HZ35w. And the deputy got reviewed at Photography Blog. Speaking of the HZ35w, Imaging Resource has published test shots which means a review is underway.

First impressions after about two days with the Fuji HS10 are posted at Digital Camera Review. And another look at the HS10 at Info Sync World.

It is deputy-love at CNet UK, as they have also reviewed the TZ10/ZS7 "deputy", the TZ8/ZS3 - here it is. Panasonic, please stop this confusing naming non-sense with the TZ-series - it makes you look like you are in a ...tizzy! ;-)

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