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June 22, 2010

Polaroid Collection auction fetches close to $12.5 million, beats estimates

The British Journal of Photography rounds up the first session at the Sotheby's auction selling part of the Polaroid Collection in order to pay debtors. We pick up the action and round-up all four sessions. The first session had most of the "big" prints.

But this is not your father's Sotheby's anymore. It's not just a smoke and caviar filled room where the elites congregate inside and we drool outside ;-) Sotheby's has a detailed e-catalog (Flash-only) and accompanying pages to promote and support these auctions. According to the Sotheby's auction website, the top money-getters were:

1. Ansel Adams, "Clearing Winter Storm" (Flash-only) in Yosemite, $722,500
2. Ansel Adams, "Moonrise" in Hernandez, New Mexico, $518,500
3. Ansel Adams, "Aspens" in N. New Mexico, $494,500
4. Ansel Adams, "Winter Sunrise", Sierra Nevada, $482,500
5. Ansel Adams, "The Tetons and Snake River", Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, $350,500
6. Ansel Adams, similar/same as above, $326,500
7. Chuck Close, "9-part Self Portrait", $290,500
8. Andy Warhol, "Self Portrait" (Eyes Closed), $254,500
9. Harry Callahan, "Trees and Mist", Chicago, $254,500
10. Robert Rauschenberg, "Japanese Sky" (TheBleacher Series), $242,500

The first female photographer's picture comes from Dorothea Lange at #12, it is the iconic "Peapicker's Family" (aka Migrant Mother) (Flash-only) from Nipomo, California, fetching $218,000.

The latest tally on the Sotheby's page has proceeds exceeding $12,400,000! They have the complete list of all 279 photographs auctioned.

Down eBay, down! You can't charge a Final Value Fee on these ;-)

If you want to have a tangible memory of this auction, they are selling the printed catalog for $53 or 29/34 GBP. Publication Code: N08649

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