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June 23, 2010

Photography Soup (trends, workflow, flickr-getty, t-shirt, and more)

Time for an impromptu edition of the "Photography Soup"! We start with something fun, funny yet very profound - a t-shirt spotted out in the wild and mentioned by A Photo Editor that says "No, you're not a photographer, you just own a camera". It looks like it could sell like hot-cakes! Move over coffee-lens-mugs ;-)

We already mentioned the flickr-Getty deal, now flickr power-user Thomas Hawk opines on this new development and also points to a long discussion of this in the flickr forums.

We already mentioned the Thom Hogan workflow week, now there's more on this topic, Chase Jarvis has published a 10-minute YouTube on his 'flow, along with a detailed accompanying article.

If you like to plan your lighting schemes ahead of time, DIY Photography features a brand new online tool for this very purpose by Sylights, and also rounds up some existing options.

It's "ten trends" week at Kirk Tuck where he posted ten trends he is fond of, and also ten trends he is not fond of.

If you are a Netflix user, the Imaging Insider has spotted a documentary available for "Instant Queue" watching about the life of architectural photographer Julius Shulman.

And now something off-topic, but so illogically funny we had to mention it. The National Pork Board (the one with the trendy url sent a "cease and desist" order to Think Geek for ...their April Fool's Day story of "Unicorn Meat". Yes, "Unicorn Meat" got them riled up ;-) The story at Think Geek via SciFi Wire.

More funny? How about this "instant classic" from 2007, "Digital killed my Tripod" by ... Ken Rockwell. It's a good thing the "Tripod Lobby" is not as organized as the "Pork people" ;-)

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