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June 10, 2010

News from Japan: Pentax 645D briefing with tidbits, Sony NEX-5 opens big, Sigma SD15 to be released (!) June 25

Time to round-up some of the latest happenings in the MotherLand of Cameras, Japan. We start at where we learn that the Sigma SD15 has received a release date in Japan, June 25. We assume they mean 2010 :) Morning-after update: The BJoP writes that the UK is now expecting the SD15 in July for GBP 900 (nine hundred), while continental Europe will get it for 1200 euro says Photoscala.

From one camera with existential issues we move to another - Pentax held a briefing in Japan prior to the launch of their 645D medium format digital camera. Coverage at DC Watch. There are some interesting tidbits there - according to the computer-translation, Pentax looked into CMOS sensors but could not find a suitable candidate, so they went with the Kodak CCD. 50 was a key number in the presentation, 50K shutter life, 50kg of pressure the LCD can take and 500 CIPA goal for the battery. This and much more!

DC Watch also notes that the Sony NEX-5 has a strong opening week in Japan according to the BCN Ranking weekly DSLR/iLC sales data.

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