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June 02, 2010

New "Site of the Day" feature launches in left Sidebar of blog

We have a new feature going live right now, the "Site of the Day". As our regular readers may recall, we used to have regular "Discover New Sites" features here, and also at the Blogspot blog. With the waves and waves of new interesting cameras, we simply did not have the bandwidth to do this on a regular basis.

So today we are launching a simple "Site of the Day" feature. Every day we will feature a new website or blog or forum in the left sidebar. Just like the "Discover" feature, it will be a diverse cross-section of sites, big and small, covering a variety of photography-related subjects, be it technical, technique, pictures, opinions, and anything and everything camera and photography-related in-between.

Given the chaotic nature of this blog, the new site of the day will change when it changes on a daily basis. We cannot promise or guarantee a specific time :)

If you have any favorite sites, blogs or forums to recommend, please let us know using the online contact form. Please feel free to recommend your own website as well - if you think it will be of interest to a general audience.

This post will also serve as the Archives for the "Site of the Day" feature, so if you miss any days, you can find them all here waiting for you.

And we couldn't think of a better site to start this feature with, than David Ziser's excellent Digital Pro Talk.

Site of the Day August 2010 Archives
XX: The "Site of the Day" feature goes into hibernation due to the start of the Photokina season. It will return after Photokina ends
16: Photojojo
15: The Photoletariat
13: Nikonians
12: Alpha Mount World
11: Yvon Bourque's Pentax DSLRs blog
10: forums
7: Underwater Photography - free online magazine
6: dvx user forums
5: Nikon Cafe forums
4: forums
3: forums
1: Lightscrape photography blog

Site of the Day July 2010 Archives
31: PhotographyBB online magazine
29: Photography on the net - Canon forums
28: - photography competitions listed
27: Cambridge in Colour - a learning community for photographers
26: Photo Cine News
25: M43rds Cameras using Alternative and Legacy Lenses (flickr group)
24: DSLR News Shooter
20: Black Star Rising
19: Pioneer Woman Photography
16: The Online Photographer by Mike Johnston
15: EOS HD
14: Foto Actualidad
13: PetaPixel
12: Imaging Insider
11: Epic Edits
10: Tips from the Top Floor
9: DV Rebel's Guide Forum
6: 500 Photographers
5: A Photo Editor
3: Photography is not a crime by Carlos Miller
2: Quesabesde
1: Paris (26 Gigapixels)

Site of the Day June 2010 Archives
30: CHDK Wiki
29: - a river of flickr pictures
28: Photo Walk Pro by Jeff Revell
27: Square America - Vintage Snapshots and Vernacular photography
26: Zack Arias editorial photographer
25: Head to Head reviews
24: I Shoot Shows music photography by Todd Owyoung
23: Photography at Wikipedia
22: New Media Photographer
21: DC Views
20: Blind Photographers
19: World Wide Photo Walk
18: Michael Willems Daily Photography Blog
17: Kirk Tuck's Visual Science Lab
16: Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection
15: Shutter Sisters
14: Strobist
12: Stuck in Customs
11: The Travel Photographer
10: Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider
9: Image Sensors World
5: Photographer Interviews by Crash Taylor
4: A Photo Contributor
3: David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk

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