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June 2010 (187 posts)

June 30: 3D Sweep Panorama firmware update for Sony NEXxies now available
June 30: Pentax 645D Official Book coming out in Japan (and other 645D stories)
June 30: Interview with Sony Imaging Sensors President
June 30: Panasonic G2 commercial filmed with (oops!) a Canon 5D Mark II
June 30: Sigma SD15 is finally in-stock and shipping (but for nearly $1000)
June 30: European Court of Human Rights maintains faith in photography, rejects Section 44 appeal
June 30: DIY: Home-made lenses revisited!
June 30: Zeiss lenses for Canon/Nikon DSLRs make Calumet debut
June 30: Vincent Laforet recaps the CineGear show in 200 seconds [HD-DSLR video]
June 29: Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 stock-status updates
June 29: PhotoNext 2010 show opens in Tokyo, Japan
June 29: Ricoh GXR P10 1/2.3" 28-300mm review at DC Watch
June 29: Samsung EX1/TL500 stock-status and price-check
June 29: Nikon's visions of China - interpreted by Thom Hogan
June 29: Canon absent from Summer 2010 Ritz/Wolf brick and mortar catalog
June 29: More CNet Asia rumors: Olympus partial-modular, Samsung NX100
June 29: Rumors: Panasonic LX3 replacement will have a 4/3rds sensor, OVF, 3X zoom
June 29: Review mini-train (Sigma DP2s, Pentax W90, Fuji F80-EXR)
June 28: Two photography-related blogs make TIME's Best 25 Blogs of 2010
June 28: Price-checks and stock-checks of hot cameras updated
June 28: Thom Hogan launches Lens Week (starting with wide-angle)
June 28: Rumor roundup: Canon RED-like, 60D, Panasonic gapless sensors
June 28: Review Train (Micro Four Thirds edition)
June 28: Medium format renaissance continues with rebooting of Hasselblad UK
June 28: New Leica X1 reviews at Photography Blog and Kamera & Bild
June 27: Leica S2 first impressions at Luminous (Mark Dubovoy)
June 27: Budget camera comparison (under $180) at DC Resource [and waterproof group-test in Japan]
June 27: Round-up: WORM SD cards, YouTube beats Old Media in court, new PhotographyBB
June 26: Pentax 67 lenses on the new 645D body
June 26: Camera phones vs Sony WX1 vs Samsung HZ35w/WB650
June 25: Speculation on the Nikon D90 replacement by Hogan
June 25: Review Train (mirrorless, Sigma DP2s, K-7, XP10)
June 25: Hands-on with the Pentax 645D at ThePhoBlographer
June 25: Second generation Nikon projector-cam coming up (rumors)
June 24: Panasonic GH1 kit offered for $1000 to select customers by Panasonic itself (Is the Panasonic GH2 very near?)
June 24: New top selling DSLR updates (Canon T1i reclaims #1, Nikon D700 only 35mm-FF in Top 25)
June 24: dpreview tests the Olympus 14-150mm superzoom (M43rds)
June 24: Sigma SD15 review at DC Watch in Japan (also new s/w update)
June 24: Pentax 645D invading America in Fall 2010 (and 645D-EyeFi demo) [updated]
June 23: Sony NEXxies round-up: new review, availability woes, and more
June 23: flickr redesigns individual photograph pages, focuses on the pictures
June 23: Pentax: first boutique store in US, ... lens-hood new-lens rumors and more
June 23: Photography Soup (trends, workflow, flickr-getty, t-shirt, and more)
June 23: SD Association tries to de-confuse SD class ratings, creates bigger mess
June 23: Engadget field-reviews the Nikon D3s (no unboxings!)
June 22: Samyang to offer 8mm f3.5, 14mm f2.8 and 85mm f1.4 for Samsung NX
June 22: The Prince and the Pauper: Nikon D700 with the Samyang 85mm f1.4
June 22: Review Train (NX10, HS10, FH20, K-x, NEX-5, etc)
June 22: Polaroid Collection auction fetches close to $12.5 million, beats estimates
June 22: DxOMarK changes the game of data-driven camera-gear evaluations
June 22: Toshiba and Trek team up to propose wireless SDHC memory cards
June 21: Olympus E-P1 and ISO 6400? Ctein opines... [corrected link]
June 21: Nikon vs Recovery, Hogan-style
June 21: Reactions to dpreview's compact-fun-zoom group test
June 21: Shrink-wrapped Nikon and Canon mount pinhole non-lens lens in Japan
June 21: Review Train (lenses, Leica M9, Panasonic G2 and G10, Sony NEX-5)
June 21: Picture #18000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
June 21: Panasonic L1 revisited at Zone10 as a digital classic candidate
June 21: Two new Olympus 14-150mm tests at Q and DCWatch
June 21: Panasonic AG-AF100 gets brochure'd
June 20: More Sigma SD15 samples from the Sigmoids
June 20: New Samsung NX100 name-leaked by Samsung website
June 19: Watch the first episode of Bravo's "Double Exposure" commercial-free for free
June 19: Thom Hogan's Workflow week
June 19: Three full-size Pentax 645D real-world samples from Travel67
June 18: Pentax patents show three prime lenses with 21.6mm image circle (M43rds)
June 18: Rumor confusion: Ricoh planning GXR mount-modules for other mounts including M43rds?
June 18: 500 pound tank = element-friendly mobile digital photography workstation
June 18: Olympus M-Zuiko 14-150mm and 9-18mm Experience Diaries at
June 18: Mirrorless Reviews: Sony NEX-5 (two), Panasonic G2
June 18: Pentax 645D gets unboxed and SilkyPix'ed
June 18: Making the most of your camera: Lightscrape LX3 reaches 100K shots
June 18: New optional feature on Flickr: "Request to License" your pictures (via Getty)
June 18: RED barks, Vincent Laforet brings common sense
June 18: YouTube launches cloud-based in-browser video editor
June 17: DIY: Turn your DSLR into a Digital Holga
June 17: Steve Huff checks the Fuji GF670 medium format folding camera
June 17: Blog update: Wibiya blog-footer bar removed
June 17: Understanding Image Sharpness - a technical paper by Falk Lumo
June 17: What is more likely? Unicorn sighting or Sigma SD15 raw pictures?
June 17: Panasonic GH1 user-improved firmware 1080/24p video-mania
June 17: Samsung NX10 vs Sony NEX-5 at DCR
June 17: Samsung NX 20mm f2 pancake lens killed by PetaPixel (updated)
June 17: Review Train (NX10, Ixus 300HS, Casio EX-FH100, A450, Z700exr, K-lens shootout)
June 17: Nintendo jumps in the 3D camera arena with 3DS (but only VGA resolution)
June 16: Detailed hands-on with the 60-megapixel Phase One P65+ at CNet
June 16: New source of Vitamin C discovered - inside the new orange Pentax W90
June 16: The power of dpreview: winners of superzoom group-test jump in Amazon ranks
June 16: Mirrorless shootout (NEX5 vs NX10 vs G2) in Pop Photo magazine (July 2010 issue)
June 16: Two new Fuji HS10 reviews at DCR and Steve's
June 16: Canon 7D and 50D instant rebates with the 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS ($250 off)
June 16: dpreview posts 13-camera compact-superzoom group test
June 16: Hands-on with the new Sony A390 DSLR at PixInfo
June 16: Rumor: Tamron looking into making Micro 4/3rds lenses?
June 16: AF issues with select serial #s of Sigma OS lenses: 120-400, 150-500, new BIGMA
June 16: New version of Lens Review Diary is ready to go
June 15: Sony A700 "RAW developer software" ISO comparison
June 15: New Top Selling DSLRs snapshot (Canon T2i feeding frenzy)
June 15: New photography-themed docu-series "Double Exposure" debuts tonight on Bravo TV
June 15: DigitalCameraHQ picks best 2010 consumer camera ($175 to $225 opening price)
June 15: Hands-on with the Pentax 645D at Focus Numerique
June 15: Sony NEX-5 review in Japan, released in UK
June 14: New visual aids if you want to help support this blog
June 14: Samsung EX1 (TL500) review at CNet Asia
June 14: Podcast Filter: Samsung NX-10 and Sony NEX-5 audio reviews
June 14: dpreview revises Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 reviews with fresh models
June 14: Home-court interview with Stefan Daniel
June 14: Thom Hogan's secret workflow - we found it in a bar! (just kidding)
June 14: Leica M-mount adapter for Sony E-Mount cameras goes live in Japan on June 25
June 14: Space is the place for the Nikon D3s, D3x and lenses
June 14: Panasonic LC1 revisited at AlphaMountWorld
June 14: Review Train (Panasonic G2, G10, Canon SD4000 IS, etc)
June 14: RED tragedy: EPIC and SCARLET showstopper bugs (and they drop manufacturer)
June 13: Camera Review School - what do you want to see from reviews/reviewers? (and what not?)
June 12: Samsung EX1 (TL500) judgment day at Luminous Landscape
June 11: Pentax 645D will be released in Europe for 10K euro says Focus Numerique twit
June 11: (DEAD) Deal alert: Canon T2i two-lens kit for $851 (w/18-55 and 75-300)
June 11: Review Train (Fuji HS10 and F80exr, Kodak Z981, Olympus E-PL1, E-P1)
June 11: New Intova IC12 waterproof digital camera
June 11: Olympus 14-150mm (M43rds) gets the SLRGear review
June 11: Hands on with the Pentax 645D at AP UK
June 11: Sinar will be accepting digital backs from others
June 11: New Casio EX-Z670 P&S compact (12mp, 4x (27mm+)) is announced
June 10: News from Japan: Pentax 645D briefing with tidbits, Sony NEX-5 opens big, Sigma SD15 to be released (!) June 25
June 10: Review Train (D3s, E-P2, G2, SD4000 IS, V-Lux 20, and many more)
June 10: New Capture One version 5.1.2 and bi-directional Expression Media free-a-thon
June 10: GE digital cameras invade the UK
June 10: New Canon T2i supplies are in-stock (just in time for Father's Day)
June 10: Hands-on with the Pentax 645D in Paris with BJoP
June 9: Sony introduces two new Alpha DSLRs - the A390 and A290 [updated]
June 9: Leica moving UK office to UK store (makes more sense than it sounds)
June 9: Noktor working on custom-design Micro Four Thirds lens
June 9: New Canon SD4000 IS (Ixus 300HS, Ixy 30S) reviews hit the internets
June 9: Vacation zoom: DSLR w/zoom lens, Megazoom (like HS10) or M43rds kit?
June 9: Curiosity factor: Ricoh GXR P10 review at Photography Blog
June 8: Quesabesde returns from Panasonic Japan trip
June 8: Olympus 14-150mm full-size samples from Japan (w/E-P2)
June 8: Waterproof camera lets computer virus in (Olympus Tough 6010)
June 8: Curiosity factor: Casio EX-FH100 test-scenes at IR
June 8: New Zeiss ZF.2 25mm f2.8 Distagon T* for Nikon is announced
June 7: Adobe Lightroom 3 begins shipping today
June 7: Major Ricoh GXR system price-drops (GXR body and GXR P10 compact-zoom)
June 7: iPhone 4 is revealed and it has a 5mp backlit sensor, 30fps 720p, LED flash
June 7: Sad news: Photographer and author John Hedgecoe passes away
June 7: Which lens for my vacation? (new from Thom)
June 7: Samsung NX5 for Korea and Europe so far
June 7: Pentax 645D full-size samples and European showcase
June 7: Reviewaholic news: dpreview launches new Studio Comparison widget
June 7: Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 review at dpreview
June 7: New samples: Samsung EX1 (TL500) and Canon SD4000 IS (backlit)
June 6: Fuji HS10 review at Electronista and Photoxels (updated)
June 6: New Top Selling DSLRs (Nikon counterattack, Panasonic G2 debut, IR impact)
June 6: Deal alert: Canon T1i two-lens kits for $705 or $730 (with new promo codes)
June 5: Nikon Inventory - a mini-series by Thom Hogan
June 5: Hasselblad H4D-40 and H4D-50 comparison-review at Photoscala (also compared to Leica S2)
June 5: Is Sony the next with a touchscreen DSLR/iLC?
June 5: Underwater digital camera group-test at LensTip
June 4: Olympus 14-150mm (M43rds) samples (RAW and JPEG)
June 4: New 25mp square CMOS sensor (53fps full-res, global shutter) from Cypress - but for machine vision
June 4: Samsung confuses itself and everyone about the NX-5
June 3: Review Train (Ricoh P10, Samsung HZ35w/WB650, Sony A500, etc)
June 3: launches new forums
June 3: Sony NEX-5 review and 16mm f2.8 production samples
June 3: Canon T2i/550D takes on Samsung NX10 and has new review
June 3: Pentax 645D review at DC Watch in Japan
June 3: FCC name-leaks new Wifi Samsung ST80 P&S
June 3: RAW vs JPEG: Finding peace
June 2: New "Site of the Day" feature launches in left Sidebar of blog
June 2: New 33-megapixel Mamiya RZ33 joins the medium format party
June 2: Panasonic interview promises primes and GH1 replacement
June 2: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Canon T2i body-only for $800
June 2: Samsung EX1 (TL500) in-stock at multiple retailers
June 2: Thom Hogan on why Micro Four Thirds is like ...the Old Film World
June 2: Thom Hogan sees two Nikon DSLRs and 2-3 lenses around mid-July
June 2: Review Train (G10, G2, NEX-5, DP2s, HS10, and many more)
June 1: Shock! PMA 2011 moves to September 8 to 10, 2011
June 1: Sony NEX-3 review at DC Watch Impress
June 1: Kingston reveals 64GB SDXC card (Class 10, UHS-1)
June 1: Olympus E-PL1 reviewed by Imaging Resource
June 1: Making the case for Medium Format over high-end DSLRs for pro photography
June 1: Thom Hogan roars about Nikon DSLR and lens shortages
June 1: New Samsung NX5 mirrorless announced in Europe (updated)
June 1: Rumors of two Sony pellicle-mirror Alpha cameras (A55, A33) coming at Photokina
June 1: Panasonic 8mm f3.5 fisheye samples from dpreview and Panasonic Japan [updated]
June 1: Samsung NX10 gets DC-Resource review and $50 discount
June 1: New Panasonic 8mm f3.5 compact fisheye for Micro Four Thirds is revealed
June 1: New Panasonic FX75 (FX70) is a mid-range price-range compact


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