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May 18, 2010

Sony NEX roundup: Pancakes not cooked, 11-page announcement transcript, more

Time for a new round up to see what is happening in the world of the new Sony NEX mirrorless system. We start with some cooking news. The pancakes were not cooked! IHOP pulled them out too early and served them to their customers said foodie blog [translation for normal people: the samples shown with the 16mm f2.8 pancake across the internets came from pre-production lenses said Sony to Dpreview].

If you want to know everything that went on during the NEX launch in Europe, you are in luck! Photo-Club-Alpha has a detailed transcription of the whole event. This is an 11-page article so be sure to locate the hard-to-find page-links at the bottom of the PhotoClubAlpha page! This includes a Q&A session [HOT!]

A new video preview of the NEX-5 has been published today at Digital Trends.

Staying with video, as part of the Henry's show in Canadia, a Sony representative has a 4-minute demo of the Sony NEXxies.

If you like some gear-pr0n, Sony Insider has close-up pictures of the adapter and converter lenses launched with the NEX-systems. Usually the accessories don't get a lot of love, so if you are an accessory-fan, there you have it :)

The ten different NEX camera kits are available for pre-order at Adorama, ranging from $550 to $700, depending on camera, body-color, and lens combo.

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