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May 10, 2010

Review Train (GF1, A550, E-PL1, S1800, 43rds f2, FlipShare HD)

Time to catch up with some of the latest camera reviews of interest that have hit the internets. We start with a review of the Alpha A550 at the ALC blog by Mason Resnick. This is an experiential review combined with DXOMark analysis. With nine sub-$1000 DSLRs since CES 2009, Sony is having a hard time getting their cameras reviewed, mainly because it is hard to separate them all from each other.

Next we have a couple of M43rds reviews, starting with the new E-PL1 getting reviewed at CNet UK by Rod Lawton. On the GF1 front, we have a new review of the camera at Neutral Day. According to the review list this is the 44th review we spotted for the GF1. The GF1 managed to picked up a large number of reviews for a non-CaNiKoN.

We lose the "M" of M43rds and now take a look at the two f2 Four Thirds lenses reviewed at TOP by Kirk Tuck. Speaking of lenses, we will catch up with the lens review diary later today and post an update once the catch-up-a-thon is completed.

And now to Fujiland, where one of the three new mid-size superzoom cameras gets reviewed at Photography Blog. This time it is the S1800 superzoom. As usual, the review includes plenty of full-size real-world samples for all y'all to download and evaluate and pixel-peep.

And we close this segment with a curiosity-factor gadget review. The new FlipShareHD got inspired by the Smartphones and came up with a 3-inch sliding touch-screen display. It can't make calls, but it is now owned by Cisco. Foreshadowing perhaps? Okay, mumbling aside, here is a review of this lovely at Digital Camera Review.

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