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May 16, 2010

New Top Selling DSLR/iLC update: Canon reclaims #1 spot

Welcome to a new update of the top selling DSLRs at soap-opera. This is a recurring feature, but if you stumbled upon it for the first time, be sure to read the FAQ/introduction first!


Canon reclaims the #1 spot
Thanks to the instant rebates including the D-Rebel XS (1000D) and the two zoom lenses (55-250, 75-300), Canon has managed to reclaim the #1 spot from Nikon. It is interesting that with the instant rebates, one can get Canon dSLR two-lens kits for around $500. Once upon a time these prices were only available from the smaller-market-share manufacturers.

Olympus shows signs of life beyond E-PL1
Discounting has magic powers and this time around, Olympus has three cameras in the Top 25, thanks to discounting. While the E-PL1 kits are temporarily out of stock from Amazon itself, which obviously fuels a big chunk of the sales at, the E620 two-lens kit at nearly $600 and the E-P2 + 14-42 + VF kit at nearly $900 are in the Top 16.

Pentax K-x discounts gone, balloon deflates
The discounts are over for now for the various Pentax K-x kits, and Amazon itself is temporarily out of stock, so that means time for major droppage for the K-x kits. This is expected behavior, so do not panic!

Top 25 Vitals
+ Canon vs Nikon: 12-8
+ non-CaNiKoNs: 5
+ # of 35mmFF: 3
+ # of non-DSLRs: 3
+ # of cameras at/above $1000: 8
+ # of cameras at/under $500: 4
+ # of price upticks vs downticks: 6-5 (a sign of volatility)
+ # of unique models: 17 (higher than usual)

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