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May 11, 2010

As the Pentax world turns: 645D d....delayed; new K-x rainbow body-color...

Don't panic, don't panic, take a deep breath, it's just a few weeks. Pentax Japan has announced that the release of the Pentax 645D in Japan has been pushed to June 11, instead of the late May previously scheduled release date. Details via DC Watch and other Japanese websites. The computer-translated explanation is orders exceeded expectations. Patience is a virtue after all :-)

On the good news side of things, a new 1000-unit limited-edition rainbow colored Pentax K-x will be available through Tower Records in Japan says DC Watch et al. If the yellow-red logo looks familiar, yes, it has common roots with the US-based Tower Records that sadly did not survive the transition to digital music.

And now on the bad news side of things, a couple of prominent Pentaxian photographers from the Pentax-o-forum-sphere have switched or are considering switching brands writes RiceHigh.

And now some pictures taken with the Pentax K-7 in "The Palouse" in Eastern Washington at Yvon's blog. More via his Smugmug page.

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