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April 18, 2010

Two more Canon T2i/550D reviews

On Friday, the DXOMARK RAW data from a production-level T2i/550D came out, but the party does not stop there! We have two new reviews of the Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D!

First up, the review is out at one of the "Big Six" camera review sites, at DC Resource. Their usual review features are included, including the standard ISO crop scenes. As usual, we won't reveal the conclusions here.

The other review comes from the gadget-blog world, at Pocket Lint. This is a short review and you know it's a gadget-blog review because there are more pictures of the camera than pictures taken with the camera :-)

All these raise the question why on earth should Canon announce a 50D-replacement camera right now? Considering the spec-sheets of the T2i/550D and 7D [reviews], there is not a lot of room for maneuver right now when you consider that if a "60D" is anywhere near close to the 7D in terms of features, it will eat up 7D sales, which, considering the 7D price, would be bad$ for Canon. Why sell at $1200 when you can sell at $1700? As the market is right now, it would be silly for Canon to announce a 60D, because its main impact would be to eat up 7D sales.

Now if Sony or Pentax or Olympus (or Nikon if it changes its strategy) announce new cameras in the $1200-$1300 range with advanced features that may tempt photographers away from the $1700 7D, then it would make sense to counter with a 60D - perhaps a single-core 7D? But until then...

For more T2i/550D review action, be sure to check the T2i review cluster.

We have just refreshed the T2i stock status page. As of a 3:47pm EST check this sold out: and it appears that the body-only is shipping at Abe's of Maine for $800 plus $15 S&H minus $10 with coupon code ABESAVES

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