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April 26, 2010

The Outsider Reviews: Samsung NX10 and Sigma DP2s

Samsung and Sigma are currently more the "outsiders" in the world of serious digital cameras, but they are trying to get the attention of the general population - for different reasons. Two more reviews of their cameras are out!

We start with the Samsung NX10 getting the CNet UK review. This is a short review but it includes a test-chart and a colorful scene for the pixel-peepers out there. Please note there are multiple versions of CNet around the world and they produce different reviews for each camera. For more on the NX10, be sure to check its review list and stock status page. Speaking of Samsung, DigiCam Review posted their review of the front-and-back LCD screen flagship model, the TL225 (ST550). As you may recall, the 2010 models come with a lower model number and a lower price, so that is why we call that the flagship.

Next up, it is Foveon time! Sigma has tried to fix the problems of their previous cameras by going in P&S production mode and bursting out new "x" and "s" versions of their three main DP-series models. Today the DP2s (second generation of the DP2) is reviewed by Pocket Link. This is a short gadget-blog review, so expect the opposite of a dpreview review.

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