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April 05, 2010

SquareTrade camera repair data interesting, but does not dig deep enough

Squaretrade, a company that sells warranties for consumer electronics, has published a digital camera failure rates report based on their own customer base. You can download the 8-page PDF file via a link on the aforementioned page. (via Imaging Insider).

One thing that would have been interesting from this case study is if they had a chart showing the accident percentage vs malfunctions percentage per camera manufacturer per price-range.

This is an interesting report, however, one would probably have to dig a layer deeper in order to make pronounced statements. The case study does not factor in the actual person using the camera, who is obviously an important factor based on experience level, use-cases, and price-based carefulness/carelessness. Needless to say, this type of analysis is easier said than done, it is perhaps a Ph.D-level type of a research project.

Another thing that muddies the waters is the availability of cameras within each price range. If you look at Panasonic for example, they have a line-up that attracts more experienced users in the US market, partially because their FS-series is not particularly popular.

File under: technical marketing :)

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