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April 05, 2010

Review Train (DSLR/iLC edition): GXR, E-PL1, D300s, D3s, K-x

Following the fixed-lens AM edition of the Review Train, it is time for the DSLR/iLC edition.

We start with the Ricoh GXR system, more specifically the A12 APS-C + 50mm macro sensor-lens-block getting reviewed by Trent Reznor at the ALC blog. Ricoh has two modules out in the market, and has development notices for two more in the works. And if the GXR wanted any "street-cred", a dpreview forum user has noticed the camera in the hands of scandalicious photographer Terry Richardson. And one more thing on the GXR, it is boldly entering the Korean market, which is inherently pro-Samsung and by derivation pro-NX-series.

We continue with the Olympus E-PL1, first getting part #1 of an in-progress review at Enticing the Light, and getting a gadget-blog review at Engadget. The Engadget audience is one of the main target audiences of the E-PL1 as most of you I'm sure are well aware.

Next we move to Nikonville, where DP-Interface has a review of the Nikon D300s, including color-chart-ISO-crops (two-for-one!) and a 10-day field report with the Nikon D3s speed-demon at The Pho Blo Grapher.

Then we drive to K-Ville, where Enticing the Light has part #1 of their Pentax K-x review.

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